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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Jennings, Louisiana

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Many people who have survived and recovered from addiction will tell you that you need to find an environment that is conducive to recovery. In smaller communities like Jennings life moves at a slower pace. It allows people who are trying to get treatment to stay focused on the task at hand. It also provides a hassle free environment for family members who want to be part of the process. 

Why Are Drug Rehab Centers So Prominent in Louisiana?

Over the past 20 years, many parts of Louisiana have been exposed to significant issues because of natural disasters and economic hardship. The one constant throughout all these years has been the presence of significant drug issues. In 2013, the state had the dubious honor of being ranked #19 in the nation for drug overdose deaths. 

Thankfully, the government is doing its part to step forward and help. Beyond their prevention methods lie a myriad of recovery centers, such as Jeff Davis ADC in Jennings. Here's what you can expect from this high-quality facility.

Jeff Davis ADC Inc Does Not Discriminate

This particular facility focuses on outpatient treatment and counseling provided by licensed counselors and clinicians. The facility turns back no one based on their religious beliefs or demographic. They accept teens, men, women, those inflicted with HIV, LGBT people, senior citizens, and DUI offenders who are required to get court-ordered treatment

Mental Health Treatment Is Available

They also provide dual diagnosis treatment for persons with mental and emotional problems. With everything done on an outpatient basis, patients are encouraged to stay close to family members during the treatment process. Fees are calculated on an income-based sliding scale with payments accepted via cash, credit card, or through loan financing if approved.

RehabCenter Can Help

Don't let addiction take control of your life without reaching out for help. At, we have access to a wide range of recovery options that can help you heal. And if we can help you find the road to recovery, we will have done exactly what we have set out to do.

  • Jeff Davis ADC Inc
    • Adolescents (teen) addiction treatment
    • Dual diagnosis treatment (Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders)
    • Addiction treatment for persons with HIV/AIDS
    • Addiction treatment for gays and lesbians
    • Addiction treatment for seniors/older adults
    • Addiction treatment for women
    • Addiction treatment for men
    • Court ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders
    • Outpatient counseling treatment

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