Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Crowley, Louisiana

The power drugs and alcohol can have over a person's life cannot be underestimated. If you find your life spiraling out of control as you chase down money and drugs on a daily basis, you are getting firsthand knowledge of this power. Thankfully, in Louisiana, there are a number of quality rehab centers located in both large and small communities. 

In smaller communities like Crowley, a rehab facility provides a peaceful treatment destination for people who want help with their substance abuse problems, but don't want to get help close to home or among large populations of people.

The Facts About Drugs in Louisiana

When it comes to drug abuse across the state, Louisiana is not materially different than most other states. The only difference is the substances folks use to disrupt their lives. Recently, the focus has shifted from crack and ecstasy to heroin and prescription medications. This has resulted in an increase of drug-related deaths, according to the CDC. 

But you can get help in Crowley. Though small, it has one quality drug and alcohol treatment center. However, this facility specializes in certain groups of people.

Crowley Behavioral Health Clinic

The good news is Crowley Behavioral Health Clinic offers excellent treatment services for both adolescents and DUI/DWI offenders who have been ordered by the courts to get help. Traditional addiction treatment services are handled on an outpatient basis with additional holistic and alternative treatment options thrown into the mix. 

Flexible Treatment Options

With several treatment options from which to choose, the facility's licensed counselors have the flexibility to customize treatment plans based on the specific needs of each patient. When family and friends are to be included in the process, Crowley's quiet environment makes rehab all the more palatable for those involved. 

Payment Help

The facility accepts a full range of payment options that include private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and self-payment. This range of choices helps increase your ability to pay and improves your chances of recovery.

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As you can see, help is available if you know where to look. Our job at  is to inform you and others like you on where you can find the quality drug and alcohol treatment you deserve. With our help and your commitment, the road to recovery is well within your reach.

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