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2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Covington, Louisiana

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There is no shame in falling victim to drugs or alcohol. Far too many people feel trapped once they realize their life is spiraling out of control as a result of their substance abuse. But there is help, a fact that is gleefully illustrated by the dedication that even small towns like Covington put into fighting this problem.

Though this small town doesn't even top off at 10,000 people, it gives you access to high-quality treatment in a friendly and small-town atmosphere. And should you want to have family nearby, New Orleans is just a short drive away.

The Problem Is Widespread

Family support is so crucial during rehab because addiction is such a widespread problem. Louisiana is heavily impacted by heroin and prescription drug use and it's going to take a two-pronged attack to cure the problem. The government is beginning to devote more time and money to the effort and rehab centers like the ones in Covington offer valuable community-based treatment options.

Truth 180, Inc

While Truth 180 provides traditional counseling on an outpatient basis for teens, parents, and primary caregivers are required to participate in mandatory educational programs as well as family counseling. This helps put an emphasis on better communication between family members, which hopefully translates to better relationships and less likelihood of drug and/or alcohol abuse. 

Available payments include private insurance and self-payment with fees determined on a sliding scale for qualified families.

Youth Service Bureau of Saint Tamman

This facility provides treatment for both addiction issues, and mental health problems. Standard and traditional counseling methods are provided to teens on an outpatient or partial hospitalization basis. Some mental health options are available for adults and military personnel. For adolescents, parent participation is strongly encouraged. 

Fees are determined on a sliding scale with payments accepted via cash, check, credit card, state-funded insurance other than Medicaid, and financing for qualified individuals.

To Learn More, Contact Us is an important resource for people who need information about addiction treatment in Louisiana or other parts of the country. We have provided a listing of top treatment facilities by city to help with the selection process. At the end of the day, we want people who are suffering from the disease of addiction to find the road to a healthy and long-lasting recovery.

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