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If you are a parent living in Louisiana and have a teen caught up in the cycle of addiction, you need to do everything with your power to get them clean again. And when your teen is ready, you will find yourself facing important decisions about where and how to get them treatment.

Specialized treatment centers, like the one in Chalmette, are designed to help teens like yours get the rehab help they need to be happy and safe. The small size of Chalmette makes it a relatively drug-free place for teens to recover.

Teen Drug Facts in Louisiana

Unfortunately, the term "relatively drug-free" represents the whole of the state. The teen addiction levels in Louisiana are about on par with the growing rate of the rest of the country. And sadly, teens are drinking and using drugs at unprecedented levels.

At least 60% of all teens reported drinking at least once in 2014. Some studies indicate that at least 40% of all teens have tried marijuana in the last year and 15% have used opiates and/or speed. These and other numbers indicate it's time for parents to start taking teen addiction seriously and get them the help they need.

Guidance Center Inc

The Guidance Center offers an extensive list of treatment options for teens on an outpatient basis. These options include family counseling, individual counseling, group therapy, holistic treatment methods, and modern treatment alternatives.

Dual Diagnosis Is Available

If your teen suffers from other mental health concerns, this may be influencing their difficulties with drugs. Thankfully, at The Guidance Center, dual diagnosis treatment is provided. All services are administered by licensed professionals who specialize in the treatment of adolescents. This helps get your teens back on their feet and drug-free.

You Can Afford Treatment

Based on family income, treatment costs are determined on a sliding scale. Payments are accepted as follows: Medicare, Medicaid, cash, credit card, and private insurance.

Your Teen Can Be Helped

Many drug and alcohol treatment centers in Louisiana offer comprehensive addiction treatment for both teens and adults. For more information, please contact us at today. Let us be your guide as you look for the right treatment solution for your teenager. It's never too late to get them the kind of help that will last a lifetime.

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