Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Sandy Hook, Kentucky

The city of Sandy Hook, Kentucky is not located close to any major cities. However, those who live here and wish to find a drug or alcohol rehab center will find an option within Sandy Hook itself. For more addiction treatment centers, Sandy Hook residents may want to consider checking out other communities in the area.

Rehab Centers In Sandy Hook, Kentucky

Sandy Hook residents looking for an alcohol and drug rehab program can find help within the city at one location: Pathways Inc.

Pathways Inc.

This treatment center offers outpatient care for adults with substance use disorders. At this clinic, clients can go through group, individual, and family counseling to work toward addiction recovery. Other available services include education and intensive outpatient rehab programs.

Rehab Centers Near Sandy Hook, Kentucky

Individuals who live in Sandy Hook can consider additional rehab centers in Morehead, Louisa, and Salyersville, which are located within 30 miles and include both residential and outpatient care.

Spero Health, Morehead, Kentucky

Adults with opioid addiction can get the right care for their condition at this clinic. Spero Health offers medication-assisted treatment with Vivitrol or Suboxone, which can help reduce withdrawal effects and drug cravings. Counseling and recovery support services are also available.

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Addiction Recovery Care: Karen’s Place, Louisa, Kentucky

Karen’s Place is a residential rehab center for women who struggle with substance use disorders. Those who choose Karen’s Place for care can work on recovery in a serene and supportive setting that offers views of Yatesville Lake. Treatment approaches use both clinical methods and spiritual practices to help women thrive in recovery.

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, Salyersville, Kentucky

This rehab center provides outpatient services and programs for adults with alcohol or drug addiction. Clients can go through outpatient care that includes group and individual therapy. Chemical dependency assessments and addiction education are also available at this clinic.

Substance Abuse In Sandy Hook & Elliott County

Elliott County has had problems with substance abuse over the last several years, although these have occurred at lower rates compared to other Kentucky counties. Consider:

  • From 2006 to 2012, Elliott county had 11 fatal drug overdoses.
  • Between 2008 and 2012, Elliott County had a total of four alcohol-impaired driving fatalities.
  • Elliott County had eight drug overdose fatalities from 2012 through 2016. The county had fewer than five of these deaths per year during that time.
  • In 2017, Elliott County had fewer than five drug overdose deaths.
  • Elliott County had a 33.9 percent rate of written opioid prescriptions per 100 people in 2017.

Traveling For Addiction Treatment

For some individuals in need of a rehab program, traveling to another town or city can offer a fresh start for recovery. Each person has different needs in terms of the kind of care and the amount of treatment they require. Searching in different areas can provide individuals in Sandy Hook with more addiction treatment options to consider.

For those who want to find drug and alcohol rehab centers in or close to Sandy Hook, contact to learn more.

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