Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Mount Sterling, Kentucky is a small town in Montgomery County with a population of just under 7,000 people. Mount Sterling is within driving distance of major cities like Lexington and Richmond, meaning residents have access to different drug and alcohol rehab centers, from residential care to outpatient treatment.

Rehab Centers In Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Despite its small size, Mount Sterling has a few treatment opportunities. You’ll find both outpatient clinics and residential services in this area of Kentucky.

Shepherd’s Shelter Ross Rehab

Shepherd’s Shelter Ross Rehab provides mostly aftercare services like recovery dynamic and relapse prevention. They also offer some unique program options such as Criminal Thinking, which makes a connection between criminality and addiction. Shepherd’s also provides individual and group counseling two to three times a week to help clients make positive changes.


Hillcrest Hall is the one residential program in Mount Sterling. It is a long-term facility, meaning treatment lasts for four or more months. Hillcrest Hall treats male adolescents between the ages of 13 to 18, and only accepts 16 residents at a time. The program also offers outpatient services and day training. Pathways has multiple locations throughout Kentucky.

Addiction Recovery Care

Addiction Recovery Care has multiple treatment facilities in Kentucky, including seven residential centers and five outpatient clinics. The Mount Sterling location offers an intensive outpatient program, which consists of nine hours a week of counseling and AA/NA meetings. A standard outpatient program is also offered, which requires a minimum of two hours per week.

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Rehab Centers Near Mount Sterling, Kentucky

While Mount Sterling is home to some drug and alcohol rehab centers, it can be a good idea to look at nearby communities like Lexington and Richmond to ensure you get a program that is a good fit.

The Ridge Behavioral Health System, Lexington, Kentucky

The Ridge Recovery Center in Lexington is a short-term residential program that focuses on co-occurring disorders. Their 28-day plan works with clients that have a mental health condition like depression or bipolar disorder as well as addiction.

Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Richmond, Kentucky

Liberty Place Recovery Center for Women in Richmond provides long-term residential treatment. It is a 108-bed facility and only works with clients in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District, which includes Montgomery County. The program rose up due to the Governor’s Drug Summit Task Force’s statement about the importance of recovery programs.

Substance Abuse In Mount Sterling & Montgomery County

Mount Sterling and Montgomery County are facing many of the same challenges as other areas in Kentucky. A recent report issued by KentuckyOne Health Saint Joseph Mount Sterling lists substance abuse as one of the top concerns in this area.

While tobacco use is at the top of local health concerns, alcohol and drug abuse is the number three problem. The organization gave drug use a weighted score of 7.8, and tobacco 8.7, in problematic health behaviors.

Traveling For Addiction Treatment

Mount Sterling, Kentucky has a few drug and alcohol treatment options, but families may want to look at other areas in Kentucky for more rehab centers. Even considering traveling to neighboring states like Ohio can expand treatment program options.

For more information about finding addiction treatment centers in Kentucky, or nearby states like Ohio, contact today.

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