Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Louisa, Kentucky

Louisa, Kentucky’s location close to the West Virginia border and state roads means that adults looking for rehab programs can easily travel around to find the best option. For those who prefer to find treatment in Louisa, there are drug and alcohol rehab centers available.

Rehab Centers In Louisa, Kentucky

Adults with addiction can find a few different options for rehab centers located in Louisa. Whether individuals need residential or outpatient services, both are available in town.

Addiction Recovery Care: Outpatient Center

Addiction Recovery Centers offers outpatient treatment programs for individuals with addiction. Clients can follow an intensive outpatient program that includes group counseling, individual counseling, 12-step meetings, and other services. Traditional outpatient treatment programs are also available for people who need lower levels of care.

Addiction Recovery Care: Karen’s Place

Karen’s Place provides a safe and caring place for women with a substance use disorder to work on the recovery process. This facility, which offers lake views, has several services available for residential care, including recovery groups, individual counseling, relapse prevention, and aftercare.

Pathways Inc.

Pathways Inc. provides outpatient services for individuals who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Clients at this clinic can go through outpatient programs that involve counseling both in groups and individually. Dual diagnosis treatment services are available for those struggling with both mental illness and substance abuse.

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Rehab Centers Near Louisa, Kentucky

Louisa residents who are exploring other drug and alcohol rehab center options outside of Louisa can find a number of places in nearby Inez, which is fewer than 30 miles away.

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, Inez, Kentucky

This clinic provides outpatient care services for individuals with alcohol or drug addiction. Clients at this clinic have access to both group and individual counseling services and other outpatient care to help them learn how to develop coping skills, identify triggers, and manage addiction.

Substance Abuse In Louisa & Lawrence County

Lawrence County has experienced a lower number of problems with drug use and overdoses compared to many other counties in Kentucky. Take a look at some overdose-related facts from the area:

  • Between 2004 and 2010, Lawrence County had a total of 31 fatal drug overdoses. From 2014 to 2016, the county had a total of 13 drug overdose fatalities.
  • From 2012 to 2016, the county had 23 drug overdose deaths overall, which represents a rate of 28.99 deaths per 100,000 residents.
  • In 2017, Lawrence County had fewer than five fatal drug overdoses, which makes it among the counties with the lowest numbers of fatal overdoses.
  • Lawrence County had a written opioid prescription rate of 90.1 per 100 residents in 2017.

Traveling For Addiction Treatment

When families weigh their rehab center options, it’s important for them to search for programs outside their home location. Those living in Louisa should be prepared to travel to other cities or even nearby states. Traveling can help families find a rehab program that fits their particular needs and situation the most, which improves the chance of having a successful recovery.

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