Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Jamestown, Kentucky

With a population of just under 2,000 people, the city of Jamestown, Kentucky serves as the seat of Russell County. Local residents facing addiction should know they are not alone. To address substance abuse, there are drug and alcohol rehab centers available in Jamestown and the surrounding communities.

Rehab Centers In Jamestown, Kentucky

For addressing substance abuse and addiction in Jamestown, there is at least one addiction treatment center available: Adanta Group.

Adanta Group

The Adanta Group operates several facilities, including one in Jamestown. The staff here understands that substance abuse affects more than one person, including loved ones. Treatment begins with an assessment to determine the type of treatment families will need. Individuals can receive outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment following the initial assessment.

Rehab Centers Near Jamestown, Kentucky

For more options, examine the rehab centers located outside of Jamestown. Consider addiction treatment services in nearby Burkesville and Somerset.

Serenity Counseling Services, Burkesville, Kentucky

Serenity Counseling Services wants to help people uncover their best selves and lead a life they can be proud of. The center uses complementary therapy techniques to help people better understand their own behavior and find ways to modify their reactions to situations so they can respond in a more positive way.

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Catalyst, Somerset, Kentucky

Catalyst offers outpatient counseling for people struggling with addiction. Their outpatient treatment offers an atmosphere of understanding and compassion where clients learn more about how to change their behavior patterns so they can achieve and maintain success in recovery. Psychiatric services are also available at Catalyst.

Spero Health, Somerset, Kentucky

Spero Health takes a three prong approach to help people improve their health and achieve long-lasting recovery. Treatment begins with physician screenings and personalized recovery plans. Secondly, clients receive counseling in individual and group sessions to build support and develop life skills. Recovery support services finish the program by providing aftercare.

Substance Abuse In Jamestown & Russell County

Russell County continues to post poor health statistics, which has led to many initiatives in the area to try and improve health and life expectancy for those in the region. Growing substance abuse issues is a major health concern. Consider some drug-related area statistics:

  • Russell County has a death rate from substance abuse of 46.37 deaths per 100,000 people.
  • 66.3 percent of people surveyed in the county listed alcohol and drugs as one of the most important health problems faced in the area.

Traveling For Addiction Treatment

Families need to ensure the rehab center they select aligns well with the person’s personality and needs. Finding the right rehab program for the person can make a tremendous difference in their progress, which can sometimes require travel. Traveling for treatment can open up the list of options and give individuals a better chance of finding a program that works for them.

Addiction treatment specialists are available to help families navigate through the countless options for treatment. Contact today to get started in the recovery process.

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