Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Hyden, Kentucky

Situated along the Kentucky River’s Middle Fork, the city of Hyden, Kentucky is home to about 350 residents. Although the city is small, some residents struggle with substance abuse or addiction. For the people of Hyden ready to seek treatment, there are rehab centers in the surrounding communities, as well as an option in town, to address the issue.

Rehab Centers In Hyden, Kentucky

There is one drug and alcohol rehab center located within the city limits of Hyden: Kentucky River Community Care.

Kentucky River Community Care

This rehab center offers outpatient substance abuse treatment to adolescents through its Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP). The program uses an evidence-based model that forms the basis of treatment planning, outpatient therapy, and other services. This facility also offers DUI services as ordered by the court system.

Rehab Centers Near Hyden, Kentucky

Not far from Hyden, additional treatment centers can be found in areas such as Hindman, Hazard, and Benham. Traveling to these communities and others nearby can provide loved ones with the substance abuse treatment they need to recover fully.

Hickory Hill Recovery Center, Hindman, Kentucky

Located just 40 minutes away from Hyden, Hickory Hill is an inpatient rehab center designed to house up to 100 adult men over the age of 18 in two dormitory-style units or 68 efficiency apartments. Integrating a self-help model that relies on the 12-step program and peer-to-peer assistance, treatment provides participants with the tools for managing addiction.

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Behavioral Health Group: Hazard Treatment Center, Hazard, Kentucky

Part of a network of providers offering substance abuse treatment, the Behavioral Health Group’s Hazard Treatment Center accepts private insurance. Participants can also self-pay and take advantage of their addiction counseling, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs, and office-based opioid treatment. The center uses a whole-patient approach during treatment.

Addiction Recovery Care: Lydia’s House, Benham, Kentucky

Lydia’s House, one of several residential facilities run by Addiction Recovery Care, is located less than 30 miles away from Hyden. Using principles guided by Christianity, the entire body and mind of an individual are treated using a three-phase system. Detoxification and residential treatment are offered, followed by aftercare services and sober living.

Substance Abuse In Hyden & Leslie County

Outside of Hayden in Leslie County at large, much of population suffers from addiction. According to the amFAR Opioid & Health Indicators Database, Leslie County displayed the following substance abuse data:

  • In 2017, 120 people in Leslie County died from drugs.
  • There were nine syringe exchange programs in the county as of 2018.
  • As of 2014, 93.4 percent of those needing addiction treatment were not receiving it.

Traveling For Addiction Treatment

It’s natural for loved ones and their families to want to stay in the Hyden area when searching for a substance abuse program. However, it’s important to keep every option open in terms of recovery, even if that means traveling to other areas.

A treatment specialist can help narrow down the endless choices and provide guidance. Contact today and get started in recovery.

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