Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers in Henderson, Kentucky

Nearly 30,000 people call Henderson, Kentucky home. Unfortunately, many of these residents struggle with substance abuse. Those willing to take the first steps towards recovery will find addiction treatment centers in Henderson itself, along with more rehab center options in nearby communities.

Rehab Centers In Henderson, Kentucky

In Henderson, there are three drug and alcohol rehab centers: Lighthouse Counseling Services, Adapt Counseling Services, and RiverValley Behavioral Health.

Lighthouse Counseling Services

Lighthouse Counseling services offer treatment for both adolescents and adults. Clients can receive either outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment to address substance abuse, depending upon the level of care they require. For those struggling with opioid or alcohol abuse, medication-assisted treatment is also available.

Adapt Counseling Services

At Adapt Counseling Services, clients will find a welcoming environment focused on helping them achieve positive growth. The staff works with clients to help them feel in control of their lives. Treatment is offered on an outpatient basis.

RiverValley Behavioral Health

RiverValley Behavioral Health provides outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment. Those who need the next level of care can go through the day program, which operates on average from 9 am to 5 pm each day. A residential treatment program is also available for people who need structure and supervision in a supportive setting.

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Rehab Centers Near Henderson, Kentucky

Although Henderson has a few choices for addiction treatment, there are more rehab centers across the state border in nearby Evansville, Indiana.

Southwestern Behavioral Health, Evansville, Indiana

Southwestern has treated substance abuse for over 30 years. They offer outpatient treatment as well as residential treatment. Southwestern places a priority on helping women, pregnant women, women with young children, and people who use drugs intravenously (IV).

Spero Health, Evansville, Indiana

Spero Health provides integrated care. Clients interact directly with qualified physicians who use evidence-based methods to address substance abuse. Treatment is based on a personalized assessment and recovery plan. Individual and group counseling is offered to help clients build support systems and remain motivated. Recovery support services are also provided.

Substance Abuse In Henderson & Henderson County

Substance abuse remains a concern throughout Kentucky, including in Henderson and the rest of Henderson County. Take a look at some overdose-related statistics from the region:

  • 16 people died from a drug overdose in 2017 in Henderson County.
  • Henderson County has an overall drug-related overdose death rate of 12.51 per 100,000.
  • Kentucky as a whole is one of the top ten states for opioid-related deaths.

Traveling For Addiction Treatment

Henderson residents should give themselves the opportunity to find the best rehab program for their needs. For many people, finding the right rehab program may require a willingness to travel beyond their city borders. Traveling opens up many new rehab center options, thus increasing the chances of finding treatment tailored to individual needs.

For help navigating through the process of finding a rehab center in Kentucky or nearby states, contact today and touch base with an addiction treatment specialist.

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