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Tama is a tiny town of some 2,000 souls that offers people in Iowa and across the country a healthy place to recover from addiction. Its proximity to Toledo is especially nice, as you need not fear the isolation that is so big a part of relapse. Tama is warm and welcoming and incorporates an effective treatment center for addiction.

Recovery Concerns For Residents Of Iowa

Substance abuse in Iowa is not as prevalent as it is in other parts of the United States, but it still ranks high as a cause of death at emergency rooms. Alcohol addiction is especially common here, and addiction to methamphetamines and prescription drugs has been rising. 

That said, recovery can happen when help is sought, and this can lead you to a sense of greater happiness and peace than you've ever felt before. 

The Meskwaki Alcohol And Drug Treatment Center

The Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi Meskwaki Alcohol And Drug Treatment Center is located in Tama. They offer specialized services for members of their tribe and other Native Americans. However, they also utilize inpatient and outpatient treatment services for a variety of other people. They especially focus on dual diagnosis, which treats mental health and addiction at the same time.

Other Specialized Services

Beyond tribal treatment lies a number of specialties that can be hard to find elsewhere. They have services for pregnant or postpartum women, unique care for Christians, teen recovery options, male or female-centered options, and court-ordered addiction treatment.

Treatment Modalities

Inpatient consists of partial hospitalization with a continuum of care, including daily treatment. Their holistic treatment philosophy allows them to incorporate a work program so that vocational skill can be sharpened. Appropriate long term care has been shown to enhance long term sobriety by as much as 35%, so outpatient counseling can complete the process of becoming drug and alcohol free.

Payment Options

Self-pay of accept cash, check, money order, and credit card is available to all who can afford it. Medicaid, Medicare, military insurance (such as VA or TRICARE), and private insurance are welcome. If all else fails, they offer loans and financing to make your recovery journey a reality.

Reach Out To Find Help

Substance use and addiction is no laughing matter. It takes the lives of many every year. You can regain the health and vitality you deserve, so contact us at today to learn more about the recovery process.

  • Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi Meskwaki Alcohol Drug Abuse Center
    • Adolescents (teen) addiction treatment
    • Dual diagnosis treatment (Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders)
    • Addiction treatment for pregnant/postpartum women
    • Addiction treatment for women
    • Addiction treatment for men
    • Court ordered addiction treatment
    • Addiction treatment for Christians
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
    • Inpatient partial hospitalization/day treatment/work programs
    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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