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Rockwell City is a beautiful city that offers a variety of amenities for residents or people just stopping by for a visit. But is it the kind of place that would aid in the addiction recovery process? Absolutely! Addiction in Iowa is a relatively minor problem compared to the rest of the nation, but it still happens. And Rockwell City is a relaxing and effective place to seek rehab.

The Loneliness Of Addiction

It can be difficult for friends and family members to understand your addiction, even though they obviously want to help. Struggling with addiction can be lonely, which can cause depression, and further addiction symptoms. 

Thankfully, attending rehab in Iowa can give you the support group you need to fully recovery. Whether you're recovering from an addiction to alcohol (by far the most used substance in Iowa) or are one of the unfortunates caught up in the endless fight against meth use, there is help. With it, you can avoid becoming one of the 77 people that die of drug overdose every year in Iowa.

Community and Family Resources

Whether you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, there is hope in Rockwell City. Community and Family Resources is a professional drug and alcohol rehab facility that has helped hundreds of people get back on the right track. 

Special treatments include a focus on alternative treatments options, such as their holistic approach. They understand the deeply rooted nature of addiction and they offer ways for patients to get in better touch with both their mind and spirit.

Outpatient Option

The compassionate staff at Community and Family Resources understands that life is hectic and not everyone has the ability to receive inpatient treatment. That's why they offer outpatient services, which offer a wide advantage of benefits:

  • Minimized disruptions to daily routine
  • Decreased isolation from loved ones who can help with recovery
  • Access to a recovery community
  • Increased privacy
  • Decreased cost

Plenty of Ways to Pay

The staff at Community and Family Resources makes it easy to pay for their treatment. Aside from making a self payment, you can also take advantage of their various other options including, Medicaid, military insurance (VA, TRICARE), luxury and private pay, private insurance, and financial assistance.

Take Control Of Your Life

Addiction is tough, but it can be controlled a persistent and consistent treatment method. Please contact us at today to see how you can get back on the right track.

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