Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Manning, Iowa

Manning is a proud, progressive community with all the amenities necessary for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Home to about 1,500 people, Manning still has a lot to offer in recreational facilities and lodging options that can help you and your family have a relaxing and even enjoyable visit to a quiet and healing rehab center. 

Iowa Does Have Drug Problems

Iowa's flourishing economy and strict anti-drugs policies have not shielded it from the effects of alcohol and substance abuse. Though the state has managed to decrease its overall drug use well below the national level, certain drugs, such as meth and prescription drugs, are used at higher rates than in most neighboring States. Alcoholism is also an underlying problem and a cause of a considerable number of DUI-related deaths in Iowa. That's why rehab centers, like the one in Manning, are so important.

Find Addiction Treatment in Manning City

Manning Family Recovery Center is nestled within the Manning Regional Healthcare Center and is a trustworthy rehabilitation facility that operates on the principals of respect and dignity. The staff at the center educate and treat patients of all ages suffering from mental illnesses and chemical dependency. 

Community Advocacy

The clinic connects with the community via campaigns and community outreach programs so as to advocate for abstinence from mind-altering chemicals, and unhealthy lifestyles. Seasoned counselors assess each patient before they are admitted into a treatment program. Their conclusions determine the level and intensity of care.

The Range Of Treatment

The center's primary focus is on substance abuse treatment. The staff also provide treatment services for behavioral disorders, such as problematic gambling and trauma. Special programs are offered at the center for persons with HIV and AIDS, LGBT people, and seniors.

Outpatient And Inpatient Training

Treatment is administered on outpatient, partial hospitalization, short-term residential treatment, long-term residential treatment, and hospital inpatient levels of care. The type of treatment will vary, depending on your needs.

Payment Options

State Insurance (other than Medicaid), Medicaid, Medicare, ATR voucher, private insurance, and military insurance are among the payment options accepted by the clinic.

Recovery Is Your Best Friend

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