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Cedar Falls is a picturesque city in Black Hawk County that offers a stress-free environment for recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. Lying eight miles west of Waterloo, it is home to the University of Northern Iowa and a principal city in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls metropolitan area. It also has a relaxing downtown environment with multiple amenities and lodging options that make it easy to visit.

Problems That Hit Iowa

Although the State of Iowa has managed to keep its drug addiction levels below the US average, drug abuse is still a serious issue. Sadly, addiction to meth and prescription drugs have escalated to alarming levels in less than half a decade. Addiction to alcohol is also a primary source of concern.

It is prudent that you seek assistance if you are battling with chemical dependency. It is even more important to consult with recognized rehabilitation centers. One such facility can be found in Cedar Falls.

Your Cedar Falls Treatment Option

Cedar Valley Recovery Services (CVRS) holds the highest level of CARF accreditation. It assesses, educates, and treats individuals with substance abuse or dependence disorders. The staff handles patients with respect and dignity and are governed by strict non-discriminatory policies.

Each Case Is Personally Assessed

Assessment is performed for each individual concerned that their substance abuse is harmful to themselves or their loved ones. Qualified counselors at the facility determine whether the person's case is severe enough to warrant placement into a treatment setting. 

The Prime For Life Solution

Prime for Life is a solution-based solution to dependence developed by the Prevention Research Institute. This service is provided by CVRS in Iowa. It entails an education program implemented through a comprehensive OWI course and a Level 0.5 Early Intervention Education. 

Detox Is Available Here

The Opioid and Alcohol Treatment Program involves methadone detoxification and methadone maintenance. The former is administered in stages within a particular period while the latter is not governed by a predetermined time frame. Other methods used are detoxification, oral Naltrexone, and general substance abuse treatment. 

Treatment Length And Payment

Treatment is provided on partial hospitalization/day treatment and outpatient levels. Methadone detoxification lasts for 90 days - 180 days. Longer treatment times tend to be more successful, so be prepared to invest fully in your recovery.

When it comes to your financial investment in rehab, you can minimize its impact by using private insurance options, state insurance, and Access To Recovery vouchers. 

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