Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Ankeny, Iowa

If you have made the courageous decision to become free from the influence of alcohol or other drugs, Ankeny may be among the best place sto find recovery. This growing city is part of the greater metropolitan Des Moines-West Des Moines area and was once known as a mining town. The people are friendly and the environment is busy, yet relaxed. The vigor of its 45,000 citizens will bolster your courage as you seek to establish a new and healthier life.

Iowa Is Not Safe From Addiction Concerns

Iowa has been blessed with a population that uses drugs at very low levels. That said, addiction is not absent here. Alcohol problems are particularly potent and addiction matches the national average. An increasing number of people are finding themselves hooked on meth and painkillers, leading to an increase in emergency room visits.

Sadly, even in a low-impacted state like Iowa, the burden of human suffering and death caused by drugs is enormous. Yet recovery happens more frequently with every passing year. Towns like Ankeny are expanding their treatment options and offering people like you new hope in life.

Cornerstone Recovery Center

Treatment in Ankeny comes from this center, one that offers truly comprehensive recovery services. With specialties in adolescent treatment and dual-diagnosis services, their short and long term repertoire allow for a continuum of care. It is a fact that young people are increasingly prone to drug use.

Teens Receive Specialized Help

Due to peer pressure, stress and the availability of chemicals like alcohol more teens than ever have become victims of addiction. Mental health and sobriety sometimes need to be concurrently sought for anyone, as drug use is shown to spark illnesses such as depression, mania, and even psychosis. Furthermore, mental illness inclines its victim to seek comfort in drugs, as many former users will testify.

Treatment Length

Cornerstone has long-term inpatient hospitalization, of 60 day, 90 day or 120 duration. They offer a partial hospital option, too, and day treatment. With work programs available, their holistic style meets the needs of the entire person. Finally, they include outpatient counseling as a service. Therefore, at Cornerstone, the support needed for long-term recovery is fully available, and can transition with you according to your needs. 

They accept self payment, Medicaid, military insurance like VA and TRICARE, and other state financed insurance than Medicaid. They will gladly take private insurance.

The road to recovery is long and difficult, and support is necessary. We can help you find it. Contact us at to take your first step towards recovery. 

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