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If you have decided to seek help for your drug or alcohol addiction there are many places that you can go to for treatment. Winchester is a town in Indiana worth your consideration. It offers treatment in one center and access to a variety of lodging facilities (The Randolph Inn And Suites) and restaurant and shopping options. These amenities are crucial should you choose treatment in Winchester, as outpatient treatment is the only option.

Cornerstone of Winchester

But like many other cities across the country, alcohol is a problem in Winchester. However, prescription drugs, marijuana, hallucinogens, inhalants, and cocaine are also a major issue. Thankfully, you can receive the help you need at Cornerstone of Randolph County in Winchester.

This center is an outpatient treatment facility only, but it offers detox programs, psychological counseling, holistic rehabilitation services, and alternative therapy services. A holistic therapy program is a great alternative to other addiction and mental health services, as it focuses on using mind and body enhancing treatments, such as yoga or meditation, to heal the entire body.

Cornerstone provides services for both adults and adolescents, as well as American Sign Language services for patients who are hearing impaired. This is a great benefit because many facilities are not always able to accommodate patients who are hearing impaired. 

This facility accepts many types of insurance including: state-financed insurance (such as Medicare and Medicaid; private insurance plans (like Blue Cross and Humana; private and luxury payments; an income-based fee schedule; and military insurance  TriCare and VA benefits). As they accept VA benefits and TriCare, this is a great treatment facility for active-duty and reserve military personnel, as well as veterans.

Interested in attending Cornerstone or other facilities like it in your area? Contact us at to learn more about how they can help you achieve a lifetime of sobriety.

  • Centerstone Randolph County
    • Adolescents (teen) addiction treatment
    • ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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