3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Terre Haute, Indiana

Terre Haute is a metropolitan city that has been voted as one of America's Best Communities numerous times and which boasts top-notch healthcare. This environment has made it a popular rehabilitation destination, as it has a wide variety of nature trails, exercise options, and warm summer weather. 

All that helps create a healthy environment to heal. Combine that with the fulfilling social life offered in its friendly town and rehab centers, and you have an amazing recovery center. However, there are some drawbacks: Indiana suffers from occasionally severe alcohol abuse, as well as heroin and opiate use. 

The state has also seen a record number of overdoses and death caused by drugs. State officials are working hard to educate citizens and offer several treatment options for those looking for a way to fight the chains of addiction. 

Addiction Rehab Centers In Terre Haute

There are three drug rehab centers in the city that offer treatment for substance abuse. Hamilton Center Inc. has two locations in Terre Haute. There is also a facility that specializes in the teens and children, Hamilton Center Inc. Child and Adolescent Services.

This center caters to young individuals that are experiencing the hardship of addiction. Each of these facilities offers a holistic approach to treatment and treats not only the physical addiction, but also any underlying mental disorder that might be affecting the patient. 

The Hamilton Center Inc. also accepts court-ordered treatment for addiction and DUI/DWI offenders. All centers offer outpatient counseling treatment, as well as short-term and long-term treatment options. Each case is treated on an individual standpoint. For example, the patient can decide the length of stay, from 30-day to 120-day. 

Payment options for all three centers include self-pay, private insurance, corporate insurance, and Medicaid. Common insurances accepted include Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield, though those options will vary depending on the center.

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