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People have long struggled with the dependence on certain substances in order to make it through the day. While it used to be viewed as a weakness that was often hidden from society, advancements in healthcare have opened up new and exciting information that allows us now to offer a number of treatment options, and these alternative methods are offered in the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of Scottsburg. What's truly unfortunate is that those suffering with drug and alcohol addiction often see their behavior as shameful. Therefore, they hide their struggle from the world and limit their chances of recovery. Whether you or a love one is going through this all-too-common struggle, Scottsburg is a great place to seek the new lease on life necessary to get back on the right track. The exciting news is that there are variables you can change to make a long-term drug rehab very possible. Certain aspects from past experiences, current situations, and even chemical imbalances can hinder those facing this struggle from succeeding in the cessation they truly desire but feel unable to achieve. Although there's a bad stigma associated with the use of drugs and alcohol, there are more struggling than you likely realize, so you're certainly not alone in your addiction. There are a plethora of substances that are abused, and Indiana is among the top ten states in the nation with people over age 12 who use at least once per month. Just some of these include: marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, LSD, inhalants, crack and heroine.

Help is closer than you may realize, as there's a reputable drug and alcohol rehab facility in Scottsburg that has helped many get back on the right path for the long-term.

LifeSpring Inc Mental Heath Services

Located on North First Street, LifeSpring Inc Mental Heath Services understands that each individual faces their own unique challenges. That's why they offer a variety of treatment options to ensure you find the one that will work best for you. Aside from their inpatient and outpatient programs, you can also benefit from their holistic approach. This treatment puts a focus on the body by employing proper diet and exercise to help the body heal after years of abuse.

Unique Treatment for Opioid Dependency

LifeSpring Inc Mental Heath Services offers a groundbreaking treatment option for those suffering from opioid dependency: buprenorphine and suboxone treatments, which were approved by the FDA in 2002. This medication-assisted treatment has shown exciting results: one recent study revealed that treatment retention followed by a full year of sobriety is as high as 40 to 60 percent.

Payment Options

While LifeSpring Inc Mental Heath Services makes their services available to men, women and the hearing impaired, they also understand the financial hindrances that often prevent people from seeking the treatment they need. That's why they offer a number of convenient payment options including: cash, check, or credit card, medicaid, medicare, private health insurance, military insurance and assistance for low-income based on their sliding fee scale.

Rehab is just a footstep away in Scottsburg. Don't hesitate: make the right choice. If you need motivation or want more information about this center, please contact us at today.

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