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A growing number of professionals believe there are four primary causes for substance abuse. These are chemical imbalances, trauma from the past, beliefs that are inconsistent with truth, and an overall inability to cope with a current situation. Identifying these causes are crucial for recovery, which makes Portland is a great city to choose for your recovery. They offer rehabilitation services that include holistic and alternative treatments, meaning you can open yourself up to a fresh and proven-effective way to maintain sobriety.

More In Indiana Impacted Than You May Realize

One of the biggest obstacles faced by those addicted to drugs or alcohol is the overwhelming feeling of isolation. But keep in mind you aren't alone. Thousands in Indiana are in the exact same position, and commonly abuse substances such as marijuana and alcohol and: cocaine, heroine, crack and meth

Don't allow the overwhelming feeling of being alone hold you back from achieving the success you deserve in overcoming this common problem once and for all. There is a drug and alcohol rehab center right here in Portland that offers the tools you need to get back on your feet.

Meridian Health Services Jay Outpatient Services

The staff at Meridian Health Services Jay Outpatient Services understands that there is more to substance abuse than meets the eye. Mental health plays a strong role, and that's why they take a modern approach to their treatment by offering dual diagnosis. This takes into consideration the common mental hindrances that cause addiction and make it so difficult to curb. Through the combination of counseling and medication, both issues can be faced at the same time.

Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment

While there are obvious benefits to inpatient treatment, this isn't a viable option for all patients. However, Meridian Health Services Jay Outpatient Services's outpatient treatment option can help you achieve sobriety and balance your life skills by giving you access to detoxification and rehabilitation services while allowing you to: make it to work, make it to school, and take care of your family.

Payment Options

Addiction can take a toll on your finances, but Meridian Health Services Jay Outpatient Services understands this common dilemma . Aside from cash and other self-pay options, you can also pay using Medicaid, Medicare, private health insurance, and financial assistance using their income-based sliding fee scale. Don't get locked out of lifelong sobriety: actively reach out for the help you need. For more information about treatment at centers like these, please contact us at today.

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