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It's time to reclaim your life from the pain and suffering you're experiencing from drug or alcohol abuse. Quality substance abuse treatment is key to successful recovery and Muncie is an ideal place to find it. 

Muncie is a small city along the White River. Founded in 1827, it's a place of rich history. The city experiences four distinct seasons, so whatever seasons you enjoy the most, you'll find it here. They also offer plenty of lodging options for your friends and family to enjoy when they visit. 

Unfortunately, it also seems to be suffering from a rise in meth use and the number of discovered meth labs seized in the county was as high as 234 in 2015. Thankfully, Muncie has an addiction treatment center that can help you overcome your addiction and stay on the path to recovery.

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Meridian Health Services, located on North Tillotson Avenue, is an outpatient rehab center that can help you get on the road to a sober life. The facility offers dual diagnosis treatment, which is a combination of mental health and substance abuse services. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a third of people with mental illness and half of people living with severe mental illnesses also have substance abuse problems. Meridian Health Services recognizes the significance of these factors and ensures, if you need them, the services are available.

Meridian Health Services also offers addiction treatment for women, as their bodies react to drugs slightly different. They also use drugs for different reasons then men: Women tend to use substances to dampen or stop negative emotions or psychological symptoms, while men use it more for thrill seeking.

Women also become addicted to substances quicker compared to men. Meridian Health Services incorporates services to treat these differences, so recovery for women is more effective and long lasting.

Paying options at Meridian Health Services include self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, private health insurances cover substance abuse rehabilitation, like Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many others. Insurance for military personnel is also accepted, including, VA or TRICARE. For those who can't afford those options, a sliding-fee is available.

Contact us at today to learn more about these centers and others like them. Finding the right one can help streamline your recovery and make it permanent.

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