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The little town of Lakeville, Indiana might be the ideal spot for your substance use rehabilitation needs. It is quiet and conducive to the kind of private introspection so essential to recovery. The journey to a substance-free life is best taken with the kind of serenity Lakeville offers.

In the 2010 census, Lakeville was home to fewer than 800 people. Though small, it is located just west of US Highway 31, meaning it's within reach of large cities like Indianapolis and Chicago. Sadly, the close influx of big cities like those mean that Lakeville is prone to certain levels of drug and alcohol abuse. 

According to the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, the use of cocaine has been on the rise. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that there were approximately 423,000 emergency room visits in 2009 for cocaine, but alcohol probably remains the most commonly abused substance in Lakeville.

Wellspring Counseling and Learning Center

Sadly, it often takes a criminal conviction to work as a wake-up call for addiction treatment. DUI treatment is often an eye-opener for a person with addiction concerns. In fact, 39.5 percent of people who receive treatment for dependency report they are still substance-free after one year. That's what makes recovery in places like Wellspring Counseling And Learning Center in Lakeville so crucial. 

This center, the only one in Lakeville, offers outpatient treatment services for alcohol and other drugs, and has an effective alcohol DUI and Court Ordered treatment program that fulfills all legal requirements for care. 

Wellspring includes dual-diagnosis treatment, in cases where substance abuse and a mental health disorder take place simultaneously. It is a sad fact that substance abuse and mental illness often go hand in hand, and the caring professional of the Wellspring Center have the training and expertise to handle these difficult scenarios effectively. 

Treatment options for dual-diagnosis include personal counseling sessions, group and family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy, alternative treatments (such as yoga and acupuncture), and even holistic treatments (such as dietary education). And detox treatments are also offered.

With such a cornucopia of treatment options, Wellspring remains a popular destination for rehab for many in the surrounding area. It's popularity is also fueled by it's sliding-scale payment option. Although they focus only on self-pay, their income-based scale helps make rehab easier for everyone to access. 

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