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While we like to see the good in the world, the fact remains that there are evils out there and while drinking and drugs might just seem like fun with friends, abuse can quickly spiral into addiction. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to this common situation, it can seem hopeless. Thankfully, Lake Station offers people like you access to a drug and rehab center that can help you regain control of your addictions. And if you feel alone in your substance abuse struggle, you're certainly not. In fact, Indiana is a often in the top 10 states by drug use, though they have recently settled to 17th. The most prevalent problem has been the increase of heroin abuse, but other problems that plague the state include: marijuana, cocaine, meth, and inhalants.
So if you or someone you love is struggling, the first step to successful detox and treatment is to acknowledge the problem and take steps toward finding long-term drug rehab. Fortunately, in Lake Station, that isn't difficult to achieve.

Regional Mental Health Center

Located on Central Avenue, Regional Mental Health Center is a stepping stone to your future. Here, you have access to a professional staff that's equipped with the latest tools in the industry to help you get started toward treatment options that will work best for you. They offer inpatient treatment options that help give you the round-the-clock treatment you need to succeed.

Outpatient Counseling Treatment

While the benefits of inpatient treatment are vast, it isn't a viable option for all patients. That's why Regional Mental Health Center offers an outpatient counseling treatment to help manage your addiction in a way that works best for you. Some of the benefits of this option include: minimizing disruptions to your normal schedule: This can prove beneficial if you are unable to take extended time off from work or from the kids, staying in contact with loved ones who can keep you motivated and learn along with you during the course of your recovery, maintaining your privacy to avoid having your struggles revealed to your peers and saving you money as outpatient treatment is often less expensive.

Special Accommodations

The staff at Regional Mental Health Center wants to ensure their beneficial treatment services are available to anyone who may need them. That's why they offer special accommodations for the hearing impaired such as ASL. Furthermore, those with a low-income can apply for financial aid, including their sliding-fee scale. Other convenient payment options include Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. If you're interested in attending this rehab center or others like it in the area, please don't hesitate to contact us at to learn more.

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