Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Highland, Indiana

With drugs like heroine taking an increasing hold on thousands of people in Indiana, it can be scary to think of someone you love or yourself being caught up in this growing problem. However, the truth is that you can fall victim without even realizing the gradual progression of addiction. And while areas like Highland possess drug addiction treatment options, the problem with prescription medicine addiction is still growing.For example, in 2010, Indiana doctors wrote 11 million prescriptions for controlled drugs. That's a lot of substances that could be abused by a wide range of people. Whatever the substance, if you or a loved one is ready to break the vicious cycle, it's important to understand that reaching out for help is the first step.

How Rehab Helps

While thousands have made attempts to quit on their own, cold turkey is a difficult and even dangerous way for many people to quit. For starters, they may not remove themselves from the people and situations that may contribute to their addiction. This makes it all too easy for the cycle to continue. There are also physical factors to take into consideration. Some withdrawal symptoms, such as delirium tremens, can be deadly, and it requires someone with a medical background to provide careful monitoring. That's why finding a reputable drug and alcohol rehab is crucial. Highland features Integrative Counseling Services, a facility that features a number of treatment options to help you explore the one that will best meet your specific needs. The staff at this center uses the most up-to-date methods based on research, and their use of dual-diagnosis combines mental health services with substance abuse treatment for a total-person-centric healing technique.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Options

The staff at Integrative Counseling Services understands that each patient has their own lifestyle and responsibilities, which is why they offer both inpatient and outpatient treatments. While inpatient care offers you more one-on-one, supervisory care, not everyone has the ability to remove themselves from their jobs and families to take part. That's when outpatient care can help. You can work around your busy schedule while still receiving the crucial care you need.

Payment Options

The helpful staff at Integrative Counseling Services understands the toll substance abuse can have on your finances, and that's why they offer a variety of convenient payment options to help make treatment a viable option for anyone with the will to overcome. Some options you can take advantage of include: cash or check, credit card and private health insurance including many providers.

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