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Delphi, Indiana prides itself on providing its residents and visitors a sense of peace and tranquility, the type of calming atmosphere that will help ease your rehabilitation journey. Located near the larger city of Lafayette, Delphi offers several opportunities for an individual to build a healthy, happy and fulfilling life as they recover from substance abuse. 

The city of Delphi boasts an impressive trail system that offers miles of hiking, walking, biking, and running options: spending time enjoying nature is considered the key to successful recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. 

A calm state of mind is vital towards recovery, especially in a state as impacted by drug abuse as Indiana. Although the state suffers from slightly above average rates of illicit drug use (9%), it is more heavily impacted by prescription drug abuse.  But the biggest illicit drugs right now are marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. Unlike other common street drugs, heroin has ravaged through all demographics, regardless of race, income,or location. 

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However, recovery is possible and a healthy, clean life is right around the corner. Cities, such as Delphi, provide top-notch treatment and cater to all types of drug and alcohol rehab. Delphi offers a unique treatment opportunity with Wabash Valley Alliance Inc

This facility's mission is "to provide quality behavioral health and addictions care based on the needs of the communities we serve." This facility specializes in drug and alcohol treatment with a Christian approach. This means they utilize options, such as 12-step, that emphasize understanding that you need help from a higher power.

Wabash Valley Alliance Inc. also takes an alternative approach to the rehabilitation process. The center utilizes holistic and natural care, meaning the client is able to choose their type of care, such as outpatient substance abuse services. Wabash Valley Alliance Inc. also offers dual-diagnosis treatment. This means that the facility does not just treat the physical addiction, they also treat any underlying mental disorders that could be fueling the addiction. 

Many health experts explain that several cases of addiction can be caused by undiagnosed mental problem, such as schizophrenia. The patient's plan of care is created for the specific individual. Lengths of stay can range from 30 to 120 days and can be inpatient hospitalization or outpatient sessions. Whatever kind of care you prefer can be arranged, assuring that you have the best chance at a successful recovery. 

Wabash Valley Alliance Inc. makes it easy to afford quality substance abuse treatment. The facility accepts several different forms of payment, such as self-payment, state-financed, and private insurance.  

For more information about this center and others like it, please contact us at We can help you find the resources you need to recover from your addiction for good.

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