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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Wood River, Illinois

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The Aquatic Center is one of the best places to cool off after an intense Wood River drug and alcohol rehabilitation session. Perhaps you and your friends you meet from group can also have some sober fun at the baseball diamond. Otherwise, play a round of golf at the Gordon Moore Park.

Remember, you're not alone in your search for sobriety. A fair number of people in Wood River struggle with dependency to drug and alcohol. Fortunately, plenty of help is available in this location. Your families and spouses can also receive counseling and support while they see you through recovery.

Wood River Rehabilitation Options

A & M Counseling - For more information on this center's drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, please contact the facility directly. A&M provides a variety of types of assistance including family counseling.

Chestnut Health Systems - About 20 minutes away from Wood River, this rehabilitation center reaches out to people of all ages. This facility provides a variety of inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol recovery services for adolescents and adults. Along with receiving substance abuse treatment, you can receive help with any issue including emotional, mental, or financial problems.

Intensive Outpatient Care - This center provides a range of resources for people who want to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. This center is open daily Monday-Saturday if you need answers about what kinds of help they provide.

Weather in Wood River

If you like a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, this location is right for you for your treatment program. Temperatures climb as high as 90 degrees in the summer and drop to as low as 20 degrees in the winter. Occasionally, this area does experience extreme hot or cold waves. However, this area also receives 3-4 inches of rain during the summer months and at a couple of inches of snow in the winter.

Lodging for Rehab Clients and Visitors

Accommodations for visitors and rehabilitation clients include those available at the following hotels: Comfort Inn, Atrium Hotel, American House, and Super 8 have some of the least expensive rates. Lodging is also available at George Street Suites, The Beall Mansion and American House. It's best to call directly to places before booking online to ensure that current Web-only specials still apply, and paying in advance for a week, month or longer usually reduces the room rate. 

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