3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Westchester, Illinois

Located in Cook County, Westchester is a small suburb located to the west of Chicago. With a population of over !6,700 residents, Westchester is one of the most densely populated suburbs in the Chicago area. It is located close enough to the big city that individuals who are visiting patients in a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center can find plenty of exciting things to do while their friend or family member is receiving treatment.


Westchester is in close proximity to Lake Michigan which can have a direct impact on the weather in the area. The average temperatures for the summer months range from upper 50's at night to mid 80's during the day. In the winter, the average temps at night are close to 15 degrees and may exceed 35 degrees if conditions are right. The monthly average as it pertains to precipitation ranges from 2 to 5 inches with the largest amounts falling during the summer months. The weather in the area allows for ample time to be spent outside. Fresh air works wonders for individuals who are in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.


The Hampton Inn Chicago/Westchester is the main hotel in the area. There are other hotels the further you travel towards to Chicago, but if the goal is to stay close to a friend or family member in a local rehabilitation facility, The Hampton is a wise choice. It is affordable and offers comparable rates for both short term and extended stays.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

In Westchester, there are three primary drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. The Advocate Counseling Center Inc offers a Christian based approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Restoration MBS Center Inc RMBS specializes in treating patients of all ages, including those who are HIV/AIDS positive. Finally, Procare Centers/Resurrection Behavioral Health at Procare Centers offers holistic treatment options for more natural care.

All three facilities specialize in court mandated treatment programs as well as outpatient counseling services. Procare Centers and Restoration MBS offers treatment plans for individuals who have both mental illness and addiction issues. Each center specializes in treating patients of all ages. Patients who enter the local drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers have ample opportunities to improve their themselves in any number of ways. Some are encouraged to get jobs, while others need to spend additional time working on the issues that led to the addiction.

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