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You have plenty of choices for fun and relaxation in Waterloo in between individual and group rehabilitation sessions. Having healthy activities planned such as taking a trip to the Six Flags amusement park only about 40 minutes away could keep your mind off drinking and drug use.

If it's too cold or it's raining, your group could go to a movie at the Waterloo Cinema. Otherwise, maybe enjoy a meal eat Gallagher's, Frederico's or another restaurant.

In addition to having "things to do," you also need help learning how to partake in your favorite activities sober. You can find a vast range of drug and alcohol treatment options in this city to help you with that. Mental health resources and support for loved ones are also available.

Primary Places to Seek Help for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Human Support Services Substance Abuse Alternatives - If you're seeking treatment after DUI/DWI offense, help is available here. Hearing impaired people can also receive ASL assistance, and this center offers outpatient counseling. In addition, people can seek out holistic and alternative rehabilitation options at this site.

Gateway Foundation - Located only about a half hour from Waterloo, this Bellevue center reaches out to people seeking drug and alcohol treatment. They also provide counseling and support for loved ones affected by addiction. At this facility, people work on learning how to live a balanced life and improve the quality of their relationships.

First Choice DUI Services - This center provides assistance to people charged of a DUI offense. It is located in Belleville, IL only a short drive away. To learn more, you'll want to call this place because they don't appear to have a website. 

Weather in Waterloo

If you enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, this city's climate will provide you plenty of opportunities to keep you busy on your free time so you don't relapse. Summer temperatures are as high as 90 degrees in summer and as low as 20 degrees in winter on average. The highest levels of precipitation are from April to July and then again in November (3-4 inches per month). Bring a variety of types of outerwear and clothing in case of weather change.

Lodging for Outpatient Rehab Clients

You'll need a place to sleep if you're not staying at a rehab center. Super 8 Waterloo and Hampton Inn St. Louis-Columbia have budget room rates ranging from approximately $60-89 per night. In some cases, online specials can also lower the cost. Weekly and monthly hotel rates are often lower than when paying by the night, which is ideal if you're in treatment for at least 30 days. 

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