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2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Shelbyville, Illinois

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There's no simple route to recovery from drug or alcohol dependency. Enrolling in a rehab program, however, increases your chances of breaking free from the negative substances that control your life. Drug and/or alcohol rehab puts addiction recovery well within reach, giving you a better outlook for the future.

Shelbyville Rehab

Two alcohol and drug rehab centers can be found in the Shelbyville area.

The Central East Alcohol and Drug Council (Outpatient Services):  This center provides court-ordered alcohol treatments for DUI offenders. Their program includes outpatient counseling and holistic rehab treatments to help drug abuse victims overcome their addiction.

Shelby County Community Services, Inc.:  This center offers outpatient counseling, holistic rehab therapies and alternative treatments for individuals suffering from alcohol- and drug-related addictions. Court-ordered alcohol treatments are also available for DUI offenders.

Benefits of Rehab in Shelbyville

Most cities have unique amenities that can help substance abuse victims succeed in their recovery. Located in central Illinois along the Kaskaskia River, Shelbyville, population 5,267, attracts many with its scenic beauty and small-town charm.  The town's welcoming atmosphere will help you feel at home during your rehab program.

Living in Shelbyville lets you enjoy a varied climate. Summers are hot, with temperatures peaking at around 88 degrees F in July. Winter temperatures drop to a low of 20 degrees in January. Spring and fall are generally cool and pleasant.  Rainfall averages around 37 inches annually with snowfall even less at only 6 inches yearly.  

With only 2 hotels and 1 B&B in the vicinity, lodging options are limited for those who may want to pay a visit during your rehab. Shelby Inn and the Country Charm B&B offer affordable accommodations with good reviews for a comfortable stay. If visitors are willing to travel, more hotels are available within 20 miles of the city.

If alcohol- or drug-elated problems are plaguing your life, Shelbyville offers a conducive environment for successful addiction recovery. 

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