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Princeton, Illinois is a perfect place for addicts to find help for their addiction. Not only are their several options for treatment, the city itself has positive features that make rehabbing here a good bet. The warm summer weather is perfect for relaxing the mind and the cool winters allow the mind to focus on recovery. 

Weather Trends for Princeton, Illinois

Princeton is a city with moderate weather. The average low temperature ranges from 14 degrees F. in January to 66 degrees F. in July. The average high temperature ranges from 30 degrees F. in January to 84 degrees F. in July. Humidity averages about 70 percent year round with August being the most humid and May being the least humid. Precipitation is greatest in August with almost five inches of rain falling in that month. February has the least amount of rainfall. The snowfall reaches around 8 inches for January and December and tapers off for February and March. Snow season begins in late September. The sunniest month is July. The month with the least amount of sun is December. Weather plays a part in how we feel and the warm summers here make it easier to relax and focus on recovery. The winters are cool and that snap of cold helps us to focus. The weather here is also conducive to outdoor living. Go fishing, learn to camp or in the winter, take up snowshoeing. 

Lodging Opportunities in Princeton, Illinois

There are between 50-100 apartments available in Princeton at any given time. Studio Apartments start around $350 per month. A one-bedroom apartment rents from $400. A one-bedroom house rents for $450. A two-bedroom apartment rents for about $500 per month. The local rental market makes finding a new place to live fairly affordable. For hotels in Princeton, Illinois, there is a handful of options. Rooms start at about $47 per night. For groups of people, there are homes available to rent that run about $220 per night. The cost of living here is very affordable and adds to the benefits of starting a new clean and sober life. 

Drug Rehabilitation Options for Princeton, Illinois

There are two options for drug or alcohol rehabilitation in Princeton. 

New Directions Counseling Center offers addiction treatment for adolescents. If you need to find a court-ordered treatment program for DUI/DWI, then Directions Counseling Center offers an approved court ordered program for you. For those who are in recovery and leaving a facility, Directions Counseling offers outpatient counseling treatment. They accept self-pay, Medicare, private insurance, military insurance, and offer an income-based sliding scale program for their services. 

North Central Behavioral Health System offer holistic rehabilitation treatment and alternative treatment programs. If you need ongoing support to stay clean and sober, they offer outpatient counseling services too. They accept self-pay, Medicaid, and private insurance for their services. 

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