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Instead of escaping with alcohol or drugs, you might want to partake in what Pontiac, IL has to offer. As you learn how to live a sober life, perhaps you can take up a new hobby.

For instance, you can play disc golf at Chautauga Park, or play Tennis at the Recreation Complex. Otherwise, fuel your photographic desires and take a picture of this area's historic architecture: The Livingston County Courthouse, The Jones House, and the World and Desert War Memorials, to name a few.

Sometimes, just being in a new environment can help you break free from the struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. In Pontiac, there is help available for you and your loved ones.

Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Center Information

Institute for Human Resources - Court-ordered treatment for DUI/DWI offenders and outpatient counseling are both offered here. This center also applies a well-rounded program that might include some alternative methods. They offer psychosocial rehabilitation, psychiatric services and substance abuse counseling.

In addition, they help out with other areas of a person's life through other programs upon request. For instance, they help prepare people for real-world employment and they offer parenting classes.

This center can refer patients to additional resources within Pontiac and the county. Twelve-step meetings take place in and around this location as well.

You also could seeking counseling at Psychology Specialists and sole providers including Mark B. Wichman and Kimberely Higgins Down. If they're not directly in Pontiac, they're nearby.

Weather in Pontiac

If you're a person who enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities, this city is right for you. Temperatures reach as high as 85 degrees. Precipitation usually in the form of rain occurs in the summer months and averages 3-4 inches per month. Winter temperatures are as low as 10 degrees on average. It's a good idea for people staying here-long term for treatment to bring a variety of changes of clothes to accommodate weather changes.

Lodging for Recovery Clients and Loved Ones

Quality Inn, Best Western, Super 8 and other places offer rooms for various rates, all with wonderful amenities, such as in-room TVs and free breakfasts. For longer-term stays, the per-night cost is cheaper when booking by the week, month, or longer. This option can be helpful for those entering outpatient treatment and needing a cozy place to stay.


  • Institute for Human Resources
    • Court ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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