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Monticello, Illinois is an ideal location in which to enter rehab for your addiction. The city offers amenities for those in your support system who come to visit or for you while you're in an outpatient program. If you decide to stay in the area after you finish drug rehab, Monticello provides plenty of opportunities to get a fresh start in life.

Drug Rehabs in Monticello

The Piatt County Mental Health Center offers valuable resources, programs and support to help you deal with your substance abuse issues. Located at 1921 N. Market Street, this drug rehab provides dual diagnosis care, a service that helps you address both your drug and/or alcohol addiction as well as any underlying mental health issues that might be present. Available on an outpatient basis, Piatt County Mental Health Center accepts a variety of payment options including private insurance, Medicare and self-payment such as check, cash, and credit card. In addition, this facility offers a sliding fee scale that allows you to pay for care based on your income as well as other factors that the center stipulates. 

Weather in Monticello

If you want to experience the beauty and excitement of four seasons, you won't be disappointed with Monticello. With lows dropping to the teens during January and December with an average of six inches of snowfall during the winter months, you'll want to pack your winter gear if you arrive in the city for rehab services during the winter. Mild and seasonal spring and fall weather lend themselves to many outdoor activities. Temperatures rising to the 90s during the summer mean that shorts and tank tops are must-have clothing choices if you plan to relocate in Monticello after your complete treatment at Piatt County Mental Health Center. 

Lodging in Monticello

If you have a strong support system, you know just how lucky you are. You want them to be comfortable when they come to visit you while you undergo treatment at your Monticello drug rehab center. The Foster Inn is located on Market Street, near the Piatt County Mental Health Center so your visitors will have only a short drive to see you. This small hotel offers 16 clean rooms, cable tv, and Wi-Fi. The Best Western Monticello Gateway Inn is situated on Iron Horse Place and features a complimentary breakfast and a pool. The meeting room and high-speed internet make it the ideal location to stage a job search should you decide to stay in Monticello. 

  • Piatt County Mental Health Center
    • Dual diagnosis treatment (Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders)
    • Court ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders
    • Outpatient counseling treatment

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