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Matton, Illinois is a perfect spot for addicted individuals to find help for their addiction and for those in recovery to stay clean and sober. The weather here is seasonal, meaning that each season offers things to do, such as cross-country skiing in winter, or hiking and fishing in summer. The low cost of living makes finding a cheap place to live easier, and the city has two outstanding rehab facilities. 

Weather in Mattoon

The weather in Mattoon is conducive to recovery and addiction treatment. This city is slightly warmer than most cities as the average summer temperatures hover around 86F. That is the perfect lounging weather as it is not too hot. Summer here is warm and humid, but it opens the doors for outdoor activities. Winter here is cool as the average winter temperature is around 16F. Expect plenty of snow for December and January, which makes the local landscape perfect for winter sports like cross-country skiing. The average rainfall throughout the year is 3.5 inches of rain per month. Rainy days are soothing if you want to sit back and contemplate life. Every month of the year here offers sunshine. July and August are the sunniest months so be sure to soak up plenty of Vitamin D during your recovery. 

Housing Options in Mattoon

There are some amazing rental opportunities in Mattoon. One-bedroom apartments start as low as $100 a month. It is not uncommon to find a two-bedroom apartment for $520 per month. Three-bedroom apartments start at $571 per month. These cheap rents make Mattoon the perfect place to start over, especially if you want leave the past behind you. 

Drug Rehabilitation in Mattoon

Mattoon, Illinois has options for those who need help getting off drugs and staying clean and sober. The city has two rehab facilities that offer comprehensive care for addiction and recovery. Central East Alcohol and Drug Council Adolescent Outpatient Services is a focused adolescent facility with addiction treatment for teens. For adults or teens who need an approved court-ordered addiction treatment program, the facility has one. They offer holistic and alternative treatment for addiction. For both addicted persons and those who are in recovery, they offer outpatient counseling services. The Second facility is the Central East Alcohol, and Drug Council Outpatient Services offers adult-oriented rehab for drugs and alcohol addiction. They have a court-ordered alcohol treatment program for DUI/DWI offenders. For those coming out of a rehab facility and who want ongoing support, there is an outpatient counseling treatment program too. The facility offers holistic and alternative treatment options for both newcomers and those who are in recovery. Mattoon has a lot to offer people who want to kick the drug habit or who have gone through rehab and want to remain clean and sober. 

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