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Macomb, Illinois a smaller city with just under 20K people. It is home to two rehab facilities, seasonal weather, and affordable housing. The larger population means more opportunities for jobs, and the low housing costs mean this is a great place to start life after addiction. 

Weather Trends for Macomb, Illinois

Macomb is a city of nearly 20,000 people. The weather here is temperate and offers a pleasant range of highs and lows. During the summer months, the high temperature ranges from 80-88F. and the summer lows range from 60-66F. Summer in Macomb is perfect for relaxing and recovering as you rehab. People enjoy a wide range of summer activities such as hiking. The winters in Macomb are cool, and the temperatures dip down to an invigorating 14F. There is snow on the ground and even in winter the city is a good place to find a new clean and sober life. 

Housing Options for Macomb, Illinois

Expect to find between 100 and 150 apartments available at most times during the year. Rent here is cheap. A studio apartment starts around $400 per month. A one-bedroom apartment start at $475 per month. Two-bedroom apartments rent for about $600 per month. The low cost of rent makes Macomb a perfect place for people to start over with life. 

Hotels here are affordable too. If your family wants to come support your recovery, they can find rooms for as cheap as $55 per night. A three-star hotel runs about $100 per night. 

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Options for Macomb, Illinois

Macomb offers two choices for drug and alcohol addiction. The North Central Behavior Health System at Fulton and McDonough Counties offerers outpatient counseling treatment. This facility makes an excellent facility for those who do not need inpatient rehab or who have exited an inpatient program and want continual help with keeping clean and sober. This facility also offers holistic and alternative treatment options for addicts and those people in recovery.  

The Western Illinois University AOD Resource Center offers rehabilitation services on an outpatient basis. Their programs include a Christain based treatment for addiction, and they have an approved program for Court Ordered Treatment for DUI/DWI. For those people who want additional support with addiction or recovery, they have an outpatient counseling service. too. 

While the treatment between facilities varies, both offer addicts a place to find help and for those people in recovery a means to stay clean and sober. 

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