Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Louisville, Illinois

Imagine waking up to an area that offers a wealth of different weather patterns and seasons throughout the year. Imagine the opportunities available in a small town environment with a population of only around 1100 residents, according to City Data, that allows individuals to enjoy the locality and the natural surroundings. Seeking treatment for an addiction in Louisville, Illinois provides the opportunity to make adjustments to personal lifestyle choices and start regaining individual health and wellness. 

Weather Conditions

The average weather conditions in Louisville, Illinois depend on the season. In general, the average lows range from 26 degrees in the winter months to 66 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months, says US Climate Data. The average highs throughout the year range from 39 degrees to 88 degrees; however, summer weather conditions can get warmer than the averages and some winters get colder climate conditions.

Expect a variety of different seasonal changes and weather conditions throughout the year while living or staying in Louisville. The small rural environment provides the opportunity to enjoy the best of the seasonal changes.

Hotels and Motels

Louisville, Illinois is a very small town. According to City Data, it only has 1128 residents in a rural environment. Due to the small population, the hotel and motel accommodations are limited.

The closest hotel is the Best Western Lorson Inn, which is roughly 6 miles from the center of town. Other hotels are available in Olney, which is roughly 22 miles from the center of town. Olney has a few hotel options available for visitors or new residents, so it does offer an option while seeking treatment for an addiction.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Due to the small town environment and the rural setting, Louisville, Illinois only has one treatment facility in the town. The Clay County Counseling Services program offers outpatient treatment for co-occurring disorders. As a treatment program that addresses mental health disorders and substance use disorders, it provides the tools to start making positive changes to a personal lifestyle.

The treatment program provides services for teenagers and adolescents as well as adults in the small urban town. It also works with the local courts and provides court-ordered treatment programs.

Treating an addiction in a small town environment starts with finding the right treatment facility. In Louisville, only one treatment program offers services to help with addiction, but it treats several different individuals and helps with co-occurring disorders. Enjoy the chance to slow down in a small town while still working on long-term goals and recovery.

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