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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Herrin, Illinois

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In Herrin, Illinois, Herrin Park is one place where you can sit in relaxation after your rehab sessions. If you need something to do, you can also feed the ducks that walk around by the fountain and pond area. With much to do in the area, think of taking your family out to enjoy the scenery while they visit you during treatment.

You could also take a walk alone or with some of your sober recovery friends. The trail in this park is even lighted for nighttime strolls. If you like to fish, you might be able to participate in some catch and release practice here. If you'd rather stay indoors, you can bowl at the local Herrin Bowl or watch a movie at the nearby AMC Theatre.

Whatever you do, your goal is to stay sober while you participate. You can learn how to do this when you join one of the area's drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Rehab Centers in Herrin, IL

First Choice DUI Services/Evaluations - If you received an order by the court to receive treatment here, you might want to seek treatment here. Christians also can find a recovery plan that fits their spiritual goals, and outpatient counseling is offered here.

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment - It's located in Carbondale about 25 minutes from Herrin. This center is known for its extensive treatment programs for men, women and youth. You could enroll in one of several programs: Outpatient, inpatient/residential, day treatment, and aftercare. This center also hosts DUI recovery programs for people court-ordered to attend AODA classes.

The Fellowship House - About 41 minutes away from the town, this facility focuses on teaching people how to help themselves by giving them tools to improve their lives. You can receive drug and alcohol treatment and mental illness care here. In addition, you can participate in other behavioral health training plus problem gambling help. This center has inpatient and outpatient services and individual counseling.

Weather in Herrin

As long as you love the outdoor regardless of temperature, this is the place for you. Temperatures reach as high as 90 in midsummer and taper off to as low as 20 in winter. You probably will not be bored even in winter if you love to sled, ski or ice skate. If not in the immediate area, you can participate in surrounding cities. Staying active is an excellent part of your recovery, and knowing how the weather will be will help you prepare for finding activities to keep you occupied. This will help you refrain from using drugs or alcohol.

Hotels for Outpatient Rehab Patients

Usually only inpatient or residential clients stay on site of a rehab. Therefore, you might need a hotel. You can book a room at Marion Airport Inn and Suites, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn. These are 15 minutes away or less from Herrin and offer one or more of the following amenities: pool, free Wi-Fi, continental breakfast or free parking. 

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