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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Fairfield, Illinois

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When seeking treatment in Fairfield, you'll want to learn about the city if you're not from here. This will give you options for keeping busy as to not relapse during recovery. 

In the summer, you could swim a few laps in the Leo French Park Pool. Otherwise, take a walk or form a recreational football or baseball team. In winter, maybe play some hockey or go skiing. If you'd rather stay indoors, then you can go Shopping at Taylor's Mini-Mall, walk through the Wayne County Historical Society, or see a movie at the Fairfield Market Street Cinema.

Fairfield Drug and Alcohol Treatment Solutions

Southeastern IL Counseling Centers Inc. Wayne Family Counseling Center - Teenagers can find treatment here. However, they will serve you at any age, and they offer individual, family and couples therapy. In addition, they have drug screenings and provide detoxification services. This center also deals with addiction and mental health issues based on specific cases such as women who use IV drugs and pregnant women. Men can also receive help based on their needs.

Archway Recovery Affordable Addiction Treatment - This center offers a community for healing. They provide detoxification, residential, after care and alumni support. If you want to be set free from marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, alcohol and other drugs; you might need this program. You or someone you know can also make use of professional intervention services when needed.

Family Counseling Center - You can receive a variety of counseling and mentorship services here. It's best to meet for consultation to ensure that your counselor will understand your needs. After an initial consultation, the therapist will help you map out your best course of recovery action. You'll receive the one on one you need during recovery.

Weather in Fairfield

If you like both hot and cold temperatures, this place is right for you because you can participate in either summer or winter sports. The spring and fall seasons are milder, and midsummer temperatures rise to as high as 80 degrees. Winter temperatures drop to as low as 20 degrees. In this area, rain and snow falls at various times of the year.

Accommodations for Outpatient Rehab Patients

If you're not enrolled in a treatment plan that includes housing, you'll need to find a place to stay. Some of the lower rates for rooms are at the Briarwood Inn and Budget Inn.  Holiday Inn also serves this area. These hotels have one or more amenities such as free breakfast, free parking and free Wi-Fi.

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