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East Peoria, Illinois offers addicted individuals and those entering recovery a lot of options in their quest to live the clean and sober life. With two rehab facilities that offer specialized programs, the cheap rents, and the seasonal weather, East Peoria makes an excellent place to regain life without drugs or alcohol. 

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options in East Peoria, Illinois

For people looking for a drug or alcohol rehab facility, East Peoria has two that offer a variety of services designed to help people overcome addiction. 

Larry E Hoyle BS CADC Action Consultants offers rehab services in the form of court-approved treatment for DUI/DWI for offenders ordered by the court to enter a sobriety program. As part of their services the offer outpatient counseling for those people in a DUI/DWI program and for those people who want additional support to remain clean and sober. 

The Tazwood Mental Health Center Inc. offers mental health and substance abuse services through a variety of programs. Their adolescent program focuses on treatment that is appropriate for teens and the problems that teens face. This facility also offers court ordered alcohol treatment for people with DUI/DWI. Other services include holistic and alternative treatment for addiction and alcoholism. As part of their programs, they offer outpatient counseling for both people in a program and for those who have exited a program but continue to recover with the help of counseling. 

Both programs offer addicted persons a way to turn their lives around and enter recovery. 

Weather Trends in East Peoria

East Peoria, Illinois is a city with moderate weather. The warm summers lend themselves to overcoming addiction by offering people a remarkable landscape where the focus is away from boredom and towards being active and healthy. The cold winters present a wonderful sense of invigoration where your body feel alive and full of life. The average summer high temperature is 86F. The average winter low temperature is about 16F. In between summer and winter are some awesome periods where you can focus on outdoor exercises such as cross-country skiing, or hiking. The weather here in East Peoria is an asset for recovery. 

Housing Options for East Peoria

If you are looking for a city where you can kick drugs and alcohol, East Peoria has a lot to offer, including cheap rents. A studio apartment starts around $450 per month. A one-bedroom apartment starts as low as $470 per month. A two-bedroom apartment rents for $525-$1,200 per month. The cheaper rents mean that people can find affordable housing and spend their energy focusing on recovery. 

Hotels in East Peoria start as low as $45 per night. The cheaper hotels mean that family can visit when they need to, to help you with recovery or to show their support. 

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