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Choosing to start a drug treatment program is a major step for those addicted or dependent on drugs. Before starting a program in DeKalb, Illinois, it's important to understand several factors of the area including the weather and lodging available for incoming patients. 


Those who enjoy warm weather may not want to visit DeKalb during the winter, spring, or fall, when temperatures can drop as low as 27 degrees Fahrenheit on average and can climb only to around 59 degrees at the warmest parts of those months. The hottest times of the year still aren't excessively warm, with only July reaching an average temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit, making this the hottest month. DeKalb gets more rain than many places in the United States, because it has an average 37 inches of rainfall each year. The national average is only 25 inches.


The Baymont Inn & Suites in DeKalb is a 2-star hotel where visitors can stay close to the local rehabilitation center. It has free Wi-Fi and breakfast for guests. For a bed-and-breakfast option, incoming patients or family can stay at Parkside Bed & Breakfast on East Roosevelt Street. Another local 2-star hotel on DeKalb Avenue is Holiday Inn Express & Suites. The hotel is contemporary and has a pool and fitness center along with free breakfast and Wi-Fi.

Drug Abuse Information and Rehabilitation Centers

The Ben Gordon Center is located in DeKalb and provides services for those suffering from addiction and dependency.

Teen addiction treatment is provided on site, providing a safe service to those who are not yet 18. 

Holistic and alternative therapies are options at this center, so things like massage, acupuncture, animal-assisted therapy, or art therapy could be options for patients to pursue. 

There are services to assist those with hearing impairment or ASL requirements at this facility, and court-ordered addiction treatments are provided as well. Outpatient counseling is part of the program for those who wish to live off site. 

  • Ben Gordon Center
    • Adolescents (teen) addiction treatment
    • Court ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders
    • Court ordered addiction treatment
    • ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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