4 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Decatur, Illinois

Decatur has plenty of bike and walking trails for your pleasure and health. This will ensure maintenance of your physical body as you enter drug and alcohol treatment. Exercise is one more way to avoid relapse, too.

If you need to cool off when it's hot, you could also burn off some stress in a pool when you swim laps. Sometimes, you just need to rest, though. When you need a break, find a quiet place to sit by some trees and perhaps listen to the gentle wind. Otherwise, interact with the animals at the Scovill Zoo.

If it's cold, you could stay inside and watch a movie at the Carmike 12 movie theater. Otherwise, take a short drive and go shopping at the Hickory Point Mall.

Primary Recovery Addiction Recovery Resources

Heritage Behavioral Health Center - Adolescents can receive treatment here, and there are separate programs for men and women. You can talk to the center about creating an action plan for dealing with both mental health and substance abuse issues. This center also provides court-ordered treatment for anyone who has been charged with driving under the influence. This center has long-term treatment programs ranging from 30 to 90 days. American Sign Language for the hearing impaired is available, and you can request outpatient counseling.

Pleasant Counseling - Here, you can receive treatment for mental illness symptoms and substance abuse disorders. This center also has court-ordered services for people who want to complete drug abuse treatment programs.

Saint Mary Treatment Center - If you happen to need a place to fulfill a court-ordered addiction treatment program, here is the place to do it. You also can receive an assessment for entering an inpatient, day or work program. The inpatient sessions usually include partial hospitalization. You also can request outpatient counseling services and participate in dual-diagnosis substance abuse and mental disorder treatment programs.

Weather in Decatur

This area is known for its variety of seasons and temperatures, which might prevent boredom. Staying interested could in turn keep you from relapsing during recovery. The hottest time of the year is midsummer, a time when it hits as high as 90 degrees. The lows occur in winter, and they drop to 20 degrees or less.

Hotels for Outpatient Recovery Clients

You will need to book your short-term or long-term stay at a hotel or other lodging if you will not be staying onsite at a treatment center. Sleep Inn, Ramada, Beaumont and Best Western are some that offer the cheapest rates. Amenities include one or more of the following: indoor pool, free Wi-Fi or free breakfast. Most accommodations are in or around the city center.

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