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Barrington, Illinois offers addicts a lot of options for rehab and recovery. The city has eclectic weather that presents many options for enjoying outdoor living or just relaxing as you move forward with recovery. The cost of living in Barrington is slightly higher than in many cities in the area, but that is offset by the availability of jobs and rehab facilities that make the difference in recovering your life from addiction. 

Weather Data for Barrington, Illinois

Barrington is a city with a moderate climate. The average low temperatures range from 10 degrees F in December and January to 62 degrees F. in July. The average high temperatures range from 28 degrees F. in January to 84 degrees in July. Humidity ranges from 58-90 percent between morning and evening year round with August showing the most diversity. Precipitation is greatest during the month of August where 4.5 inches of rain typically falls. The least amount of rainfall from November through February, but that is offset by the 9-11 inches of snow that falls during those months. The weather in Barrington offers people in recovery a lot of opportunity. The warm summers are perfect for relaxing as your rehab or for hiking and fishing. The cool winters also add to the rehab process with invigoration. There are winter activities to help you reenter society or you can take your time by relaxing indoors. 

Lodging Options in Barrington, Illinois

Expect to find between 100-150 apartments available at any given time in Barrington. Studio apartments start at $780 per month. A one-bedroom apartment starts at $895 per month. A two-bedroom apartment rents for about $1,150 on average.  For Hotels, a 2.5-star hotel has rates that start around $70 per night. The three-star average rate is $101 per night. A four-star hotel rents for $150-$300 per night, but online booking can help drop rates to the $120 per night range. The Cost of living in Barrington is affordable. If you need housing, there is plenty of housing available. If you want to recover in a new town, Barrington is worth consideration. 

Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Barrington offers a single Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation center. About Change Counseling offers outpatient counseling treatment and an approved court ordered alcohol treatment program for DUI/DWI offenders. For inpatient rehab, the city of Elgin has two facilities. 

The nearest inpatient rehabilitation programs are found in Elgin, which is about a ten-minute drive from Barrington City. There are two facilities in Elgin, and both offer comprehensive services. It's About Change/Sober Living offers a residential long-term inpatient treatment program with programs from 60, 90, and 120 days. They have aftercare programs such as halfway houses too. Outpatient counseling is available. This facility also has male focused treatment and court-ordered treatment programs for addiction and DUI/DWI.  The Lutheran Social Service of Illinois Elgin offers a residential long-term inpatient treatment program what services that range from 60-120 days. They also have a residential short-term inpatient treatment program that lasts 30 days or less. For those who need a bridge program, they offer halfway houses and sober living centers. Outpatient counseling is available too. 

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