Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Rathdrum, Idaho

Regardless of how long a person has had a substance abuse problem, there is hope for recovery. Through rehab treatment programs, substance abuse victims can overcome their destructive habits and start anew. In Rathdrum, Idaho, the Rathdrum Counseling Center LLC can provide individuals with the medical assistance they need to achieve their goal of full recovery.

Rathdrum Rehab

The Rathdrum Counseling Center LLC offers a wide range of addiction services to meet residents' individual needs. The center provides addiction programs for men, women and teens, with special treatments allotted for pregnant and postpartum women as well as DUI offenders.

The center's addiction programs consist of such treatments as dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse therapy), outpatient counseling, alcohol treatments, partial hospitalization, day treatments, work programs, holistic remedies and alternative therapies. All treatments are personalized to meet patients' individual needs.

About Rathdrum  

Rathdrum is a small yet charming community of approximately 7,090 residents situated within the Idaho panhandle. The city's majestic mountains and friendly atmosphere make it an attractive place in which to live. The beautiful surroundings and tranquil atmosphere are also conducive for individuals looking for a place to focus on addiction recovery.  

Economic Conditions  

The most prominent industries in Rathdrum are construction and manufacturing. The current unemployment rate is about 5.6%; however, job growth is expected to grow by approximately 39% over the next decade. The city's income per capita, to include children and adults, is approximately $20,490 while the median household income averages about $47,845.


Rathdrum experiences all four seasons, with fairly pleasant weather during spring, summer and fall. The city averages around 175 days of sun and approximately 24 inches of rainfall annually. High temperatures in the summer are in the low 80's F. In the winter, temperatures drop to the low 20's F. Winter sports fans will thoroughly enjoy the city's 38 inches of annual snowfall.     


There are approximately 20 hotels within 10 miles of the city offering accommodations for family members visiting rehab patients during their stay. Area hotels include budget, family oriented and pet-friendly facilities with good reviews for comfortable, affordable lodging. Vacation rentals are also available for those interested in more private accommodations.  

The nearest airport to Rathdrum is Spokane International in Washington State, 37 miles away. From there, visitors can commute to the city by bus or taxi or rent a car.

Rathdrum's attractive, low-key setting makes it an ideal location for resolving addiction problems and achieving your goal of full recovery. 

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