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Preston Idaho offers a quiet home-town living opportunity for people who are entering a drug or alcohol facility and for those who are exiting a rehab facility to begin their journey in recovery. With airport transportation nearby and a weather pattern that offers four seasons, Preston is a place to rediscover yourself. For those seeking services there is a single rehab that offers quality services including counseling. For living, housing here is cheap and employment outlook is good. 

Airport Information for Preston City

Preston Idaho is served by four local airports and four domestic airports. The nearest local airport is Logan-Cashe Airport, and it is 25 miles away in Logan, Utah. The nearest domestic airport is Ogden-Hinckley Airport, and it is 76 miles away from Preston. An alternative domestic airport is Pocatello Regional Airport in Pocatello, Idaho and is 78 miles away. Preston, is fairly easy to get to for those people looking for treatment or those people visiting people in treatment. 

Weather Data 

Preston offers four distinct seasons with colder winters and dryer summers. The hottest months are July and August where the temperature ranges from 52-88 degrees Fahrenheit each day. Rainfall is above average for the nation at about 3 inches on average per month. Snow is likely from October through May. The Sunniest month is July followed by August and September. July is nearly 80 percent sunny. The distinct seasons in Preston mean plenty of outdoor activities all year round. The weather changes quickly in Preston and offers new opportunities for activities due to its distinct four seasons. 

Drug Rehabilitation Options

Preston is served by only one drug and alcohol rehab - Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Preston, Idaho. The services here are aimed at teens and adults. The facility offers adolescents addiction treatment programs. For those who have a DUI of DWI, there is an approved court ordered program for you. There are outpatient counseling services for those people who are leaving treatment and need additional support as they rebuild their lives. Treatment choices include holistic rehabilitation options and alternative treatment option so that patients have a say in the type of treatment they receive. 

Lodging Options for Preston City

Apartments in Preston start at $366 per month. A two bedroom place rents for $599 a month. A three bedroom apartment averages $800 per month. There are a few hotels and motels with prices that range from cheap to expensive. The lodging options in Preston are affordable making this an ideal location for those looking for a quiet town in which to recover from addition 

Employment Trends in Preston City

In 2014, the unemployment rate in Preston was only 3.3 percent, which is below the national average. During the 2010 census, the population of Preston was 1,559 people. Manufacturing accounts for 21 percent of the job market. Construction is a close second to manufacturing at 18 percent of the job market. Agriculture/Forestry came in third with 14 percent of local jobs. Retail holds the fourth spot with 12.3 percent of jobs being in retail. The diversity of employment means more opportunities for those looking for work. 

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