Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in McCall, Idaho

McCall, Idaho is located in the northwest corner of Valley County. Taking up a little over ten square miles, the area supports close to 3,000 residents. McCall is in close proximity to the western border of Idaho. Individuals who live in the McCall area or who are visiting loved ones in rehab centers, can easily travel to both Washington and Oregon states if they choose to explore the area.

Airport Information

McCall, Idaho has several small airstrips and airports that are available for public use. McCall Municipal Airport, Flying A Ranch and Splan are within a short distance of the city itself. Although most are not equipped to handle excessive amounts of traffic or large jumbo airliners, they all are capable of receiving commuter flights from surrounding international airports, so those entering rehab may easily travel from across the country or overseas.


Located in the northwestern most part of the country, the weather in McCall is on the milder side. During the winter months, the temperatures can range from 12 degrees in the evening to a high of 30 degrees or more. The summer months are more temperate for those coming to McCall for addiction rehabilitation, with the range being 42 during the evening hours and 80 during the day. Snowfall during the winter months can be as high as 100 inches or more per year. Precipitation normally averages between 1 and 3 inches, with the least amount falling during the summer months. 

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

The Tom Moore Counseling Center serves the city of McCall and the surrounding area. It offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation counseling services for teens, seniors, gays, lesbians. men and women. The staff work to create treatment plans when counseling is ordered through the courts, especially when it comes to DUI and DWI offenders. Court ordered programs must meet the requirements put in place by the judge for each individual case. Holistic treatment options are available as well. Treatment is outpatient based. The facility also handles cases that involve a dual diagnosis (mental health issues accompanied by drug or alcohol addiction). No matter what the person's age or how the addiction occurred, patients receive the treatment they need on an individual basis. Treatment plans are designed on a one on one basis, addressing the needs of each person in a unique but effective manner. 


Along with numerous hotels, there are two bed and breakfasts and several rental properties that are available for both short- and long-term stays. Renting a home in the area is ideal for individuals who wish to stay with a loved one while they are receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. A few of the local hotels include:

  • Shore Lodge
  • Best Western Plus McCall Lodge and Suites
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites - the Hunt Lodge


Individuals who are looking for short-term employment opportunities restaurants and retail franchises offer the widest range of options. Tourism in the area is moderate, with most of the income from the area coming from ski resorts, agriculture and ranching. Family members of residents who are receiving treatment for drug and alcohol abuse have several recreational opportunities available to them. They can also choose to work in the ski industry.

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