Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Grangeville, Idaho

Grangeville, Idaho is located in the northern section of the state, embedded within the Rocky Mountains. Individuals who are seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation in a quiet, secluded area will find what they are looking for in Grangeville. It's close proximity to the mountains, lakes, and streams offers a unique environment for one to begin their recovery.

Airport Information

Three airports service Grangeville, Idaho and the surrounding counties. They include Idaho County Airport, Pinnacle and Hungry Ridge Ranch. The largest of the three, Idaho County Airport is capable of handling larger, commercial flights. The majority of flights into the area, however, are smaller commuter flights that come in from larger, international airports. As smaller airports, each provides convenience that allows individuals who are visiting loved ones in rehab the ability to travel without alot of stress and frustration.


Idaho is known for its moderate temperatures. Summer temps range from highs of 85 degrees to lows of 52, while winter temps can fall anywhere between 38 degrees during the day to 24 degrees over night. Winter months can see snowfall amounts as high as 12 inches or more depending on weather patterns that come off of the Pacific Ocean. April through June sees the largest amount of rainfall with anywhere from 2 to 4 inches falling each month. The moderate weather is ideal for outdoor recreational activities where individuals who are in recovery can get out and enjoy themselves with friends and family members.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

Valley View Recovery is located in Grangeville and serves the entire county and surrounding areas. The facility offers rehabilitation and counseling services for individuals of all ages, including patients who have AIDS or are HIV positive. The outpatient services the facility offers are designed to meet the requirements of court ordered rehab programs. Holistic rehabilitation programs and treatment options are also available. Pregnant women or those who are suffering from post partum depression can also receive treatment at the facility. For individuals who suffer from both drug/alcohol addiction and mental or behavioral disorders, the facility offers dual diagnosis treatment programs designed to meet their specific needs.


Friends and family members who are visiting patients who are receiving drug and alcohol counseling have several options when it comes to lodging. The Gateway Inn and the Super 8 Grangeville provide quality accommodations at affordable prices. In addition to the two hotels, there are two bed and breakfasts as well as rental properties that are available for both long and short term stays.


Idaho is known for its hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities. Employment opportunities in the area are normally found in retail and food service areas frequented by individuals who are in the area to pursue one or more of the local outdoor activities. Friends and family members of individuals who are actively seeking drug and alcohol counseling can find short term employment in many of the businesses that operate on a seasonal basis.

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