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Challis is the county seat in addition to being the largest city in Custer County. Located in the central portion of the state, Challis has just under 1,100 residents. The area is well known for earthquakes and its semi-arid climate. Mountains can be seen in the distance and provide a beautiful, serene backdrop for individuals who are looking for a quiet place to recover from substance abuse and other drug- and alcohol-related issues.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

The Rainbows End Recovery Center LLC, located in Challis offers several different treatment programs. The facility offers outpatient counseling services for individuals who need minimal care. It also offers both long term and short term in-house residential care for patients who have more severe cases of addiction. The facility also specializes in treating patients who have a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis involves some level of mental illness in addition to a drug, alcohol or substance abuse issue.

Airport Information

Challis Airport is the primary airstrip that services Challis and the rest of Custer County. May Airport serves the surrounding areas of Custer County. It is located several miles to the northwest of Challis, but is still in close enough proximity to be an affordable transportation option. Both airports are rather small and do not handle large amounts of traffic, but are capable of landing both small and large aircraft if the need arises.


Challis is known to have a semi-arid climate. On average, precipitation is minimal throughout the year with snow amounts averaging between 8 and 9 inches per month. Rain averages between 0.75 and 1.5 inches per month. Winters are exceptionally cold with temperatures ranging from 5 degrees during the overnight hours and 45 degrees during the day. Summers can be hotter than the national average with temps ranging from 42 degrees at night to 82 degrees during the day.


Challis has several hotels and five bed and breakfasts to choose from when it comes to affordable lodging. They include:

  • Northgate Inn
  • Pioneer Motel and RV Park
  • The Village Inn Motel and Restaurant
  • The Bonanza House Victoria B & B
  • Challis Lodge and Lounge
  • The Watermark Inn


The two primary sources of employment revolve around mining and manufacturing. While these two industries offer primarily long term employment opportunities, there numerous retail and food service companies in the area that offer short term employment options for individuals who need to make extra money while visiting family members in rehab.

  • Rainbows End Recovery Center LLC
    • Dual diagnosis treatment (Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders)
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
    • Residential short-term inpatient treatment (30 days or less)
    • Residential long-term inpatient treatment (60, 90, 120 days)

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