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The setting for your recovery should match your personality. If you are carefree, full of sunshine and a bit isolated, Wailuku, Hawaii may be the place for you. Located on the island of Maui, Wailuku beckons you with sun, sand and surf, plus a sensational recovery center.

Airport Information

Although the island of Maui has a few smaller airports, if you  are flying from the states or another country, fly into Kona international airport on the large island of Hawaii first. Then, catch a quick peddle-jumper, or other small aircraft and fly to Kahului Airport which is approximately a 5 mile drive west to Wailuku. Enjoy your first views of the island as you wind your way along the palm-tree lined streets before you head into Wailuku. A small city of approximately 15,000 people, Wailuku was the former place-to-be on Maui.


While in Maui, plan to hike, walk, bike, swim and more with daily temperatures averaging between 60 and 80 degrees and highs near the 90's during July, August and September. You will never lack for outdoor activities and can enjoy nature centers, botanical gardens and sea cruises during your time in Hawaii.


The Aloha House in Wailuku operates as an outpatient and residential treatment center.  Choose from individual or group therapy and also select family counseling options to heal your entire unit. The Aloha House benefits those with all types of addictions and provides halfway houses and sober living facilities upon graduation. You can also benefit from the day programs if suffering from a co-occuring disorder. The education classes teach the wide-spread impact of substance abuse. 


During your stay in Wailuku, select a hotel near the Aloha House for your convenience and to help maintain adherence to the program. The Maui Dream Inn on Mill Street is within walking distance to the Aloha House. Slightly further into town, you'll find the Bungalow and the Aloha Windsurfer's Hostel.


Should you decide to stay and participate in the halfway or sober houses, look to the construction and tourist industries for numerous jobs. The transportation industry, retail trade and warehousing also offer adequate employment opportunities. Wailuku has a few financial institutions if you enjoy accounting or tracking other's finances. The average household income is approximately $66,000 so you find your needs provided for and may see yourself spending a lifetime on this beautiful island paradise.

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    • Court ordered addiction treatment
    • Aftercare addiction treatment (Halfway houses, sober living facilities)
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    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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