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3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Lihue, Hawaii

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Substance abuse today is taking a toll on thousands of young people's lives. Most teens are unaware of how easy it is to become addicted to drug and alcohol use. If teens are not careful, causal drinking and drug habits can escalate into a long term addiction over time. By catching the problem early on, parents can help their teens get the treatments they need. Lihue has 3 rehab centers capable of meeting addiction patients' needs.   

Lihue Rehab

Hina Mauka Teen Care Kamakehalei Middle School and High School Rehab Centers both offer substance abuse services for young people in need. Their outpatient counseling and addiction treatments are especially geared for teens with alcohol or drug related problems.

The McKenna Recovery Center Ke Ala Pono Kauai also provides outpatient counseling and addiction treatments for young and older teens. By visiting local rehab facilities, parents can become better informed on how to help their teen achieve his or her goal of long term recovery. 

Getting to Know Lihue

The city of Lihue, population 7,489, is considered the commercial and government seat of the tropical island of Kau'i. The city is known for its beautiful beaches and historical and cultural sites. Nawiliwili Harbor serves as a major shipping and cruise ship center for the city, boosting the local economy.  

The hotel industry is the principle industry of the city, employing approximately 13 percent of area workers. Transportation, warehousing and construction also offer sources of employment. Lihue had an unemployment rate of 5.4 percent in mid-2014; however, job growth is expected to rise. Overall, the island enjoys a healthy economy fueled by tourism, agriculture, technology, eateries, and retail sales.

Lihue welcomes visitors by providing various options for lodging to include family-friendly motels and inns, nationwide chains, corporate hotels, and private resorts and villas. As the area caters to tourism, many hotels start at $100-$125 a night and upwards.    

The area's subtropical climate is an added plus with temperatures in the 80s during the summer and 60s during the winter. The city averages 242 days of sunshine and 52 inches of rainfall annually, with January-March and October-December being rainy season. The city has its own airport - Lihue Airport - located 2 miles from the city center, greatly facilitating travel.

Rehab centers offer an opportunity for teens to overcome addictions and preserve their future. With the support of a Lihue rehab center, your teen can have greater confidence of success in his or her journey to substance abuse recovery.


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