4 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Norcross, Georgia

Rehab treatments are not just for long term substance abuse addicts. Many social drinkers have been known to develop drinking problems by not keeping their habits under control. It's important that people know where to go when facing drug or alcohol related problems. In Norcross, GA, there are four rehab centers offering alcohol and drug abuse services to those in need.

Norcross Rehab Centers

Atlanta Metro Treatment Center offers outpatient counseling sessions to help people overcome their addiction problems.

Lakeland Centers in Atlanta work with substance abuse victims suffering from HIV or AIDS.

CETPA Inc.offers more comprehensive addiction treatments to include outpatient counseling, partial hospitalization, day treatments, work programs, dual diagnosis treatments, DWI alcohol treatments, and holistic therapies. Special programs are also available for adolescents and those of the Christian faith.

Narconon Georgia/Atlanta provides addiction treatment services to men, women, seniors, gays, lesbians, Christians, pregnant and postpartum women, as well as those suffering from HIV/AIDS. Treatments include outpatient counseling, day treatments, partial hospitalization, court ordered alcohol treatments and work programs.

Life in Norcross, GA

Before enrolling in rehab, it's good to know a bit about the area in which you will be living while recovering from your addiction. The city of Norcross, population 12,869, is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Its small town atmosphere is quite a contrast to life in the capital. The close proximity of Atlanta, however, enables residents to enjoy the best that these two "worlds" have to offer.

Construction and manufacturing are the main industries of Norcross with major occupations being along the line of building, grounds keeping and maintenance and repair. Job prospects in Atlanta are much greater as many Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters there. As cost of living is cheaper in Norcross, it may be more feasible to commute rather than live in the capital.

The climate in Norcross is hot and humid during the summer and cold in the winter. Temperatures rise to the upper 80s in summer and fall to mid-20s in winter. Snowfall is rare but the city does average 53 inches of rain yearly with approximately 213 days of sunshine in between.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, 29 miles from Norcross, handles air travel to and from the city. When family and friends come to visit, they can have their pick of 25 local hotels to accommodate their stay.

Overall, Norcross has much to offer those looking for help in overcoming addictions and getting a new start in life.

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