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2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in LaGrange, Georgia

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If you've never experienced a problem with alcohol or drugs before, the idea of rehab may seem daunting to you. A rehab program, however, may be your best bet for overcoming your addiction. Rehab centers can be found in cities all across the country. In LaGrange, GA, there are two such centers offering alcohol/drug addiction services to anyone who needs them.

LaGrange Rehab Options

Rehab programs vary to meet individual need. Your choice of rehab center will depend on the type of problem you have and how extensive your problem is.

Addiction Recovery Services provides alcohol addiction treatments and outpatient counseling to individuals with alcohol related problems, specifically DWI offenders.

Pathways Center Troup Mental Health offers outpatient counseling, addiction treatments for adolescents, and holistic therapies. They also provide addiction services to the hearing impaired.

About LaGrange

Rehab services in LaGrange can help speed your recovery. In this small industrial community of approximately 29,750 people, you'll experience less stress and fewer distractions to keep you from accomplishing your objective.

Manufacturing is one of the city's principal industries with Babcock Home Furniture, Caterpillar and Carpet and Rug Mills being among the city's main employers. Georgia's reputation for attracting Fortune 500 companies gives the city hope of enticing national and international firms to set up shop here in the future. New business opportunities and a low cost of living make LaGrange an appealing place in which to start over upon completion of your addiction program.

LaGrange averages about 210 days of sunshine yearly. Temperatures climb up to 90 in the summer, fall to mid-30's in the winter and are temperate the rest of the year. Humidity levels are high and rainfall averages about 53 inches annually.

Columbus Metropolitan Airport serves as the city's closest airport, although it's 43 miles away. Renting a car is probably the best option for visiting family or friends to travel the remaining distance. There are 11 hotels in the area to facilitate your family's stay, ranging from the economical Super 8 and Days Inn to the more costly Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Inn and Suites. By shopping around, your family's bound to find lodging within their financial means.

Choosing the right rehab program and center is important to getting the addiction services you need. LaGrange rehab options and the community's many amenities could be the key to successful recovery.

  • Addiction Recovery Services
    • Court ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
  • Pathways Center Troup Mental Health
    • Adolescents (teen) addiction treatment
    • ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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