2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in East Point, Georgia

Recognizing you have an alcohol or drug problem is the first step toward getting the help you need. With the rise in social drinking and "recreational" drug use in society today, it's not uncommon for average people to develop an addiction over time. Rehab programs can help individuals with addiction problems regain control of their lives. The following two rehab centers in lovely East Point, GA provide addiction services to people in need.

East Point Rehab Centers

At HUGS (Humanity United with God for Society) Recovery Center, you can partake of an array of addiction treatment programs to suit your individual needs. The center offers outpatient counseling, short-term residential treatments of up to 30 days, long-term residential treatments of 60, 90, or 120 days, and alternative and holistic therapies. Special addiction programs are also available for those of the Christian faith.

Southside Behavioral Lifestyle Enrichment Center offers outpatient counseling and holistic and alternative therapies to help individuals overcome their addictions, as well. Outpatient treatment may be of benefit to those who have traveled to East Point to seek treatment away from stressful home life situations. Those engaging in outpatient programs will find hotels and other amenities of the city conducive to a healthy recovery.

Why Choose East Point for Recovery?

There are many advantages to choosing a recovery program in the beautiful town of East Point. East Point is conveniently situated next to Atlanta International Airport, making travel to and from the city a breeze for incoming patients or visitors who have loved ones in treatment in the city. At the same time, East Point itself enjoys a slower paced, small community (population 34,515 in 2014) atmosphere with fewer distractions so you can focus fully on recovery. The cost of living is 17.5 percent lower than the national average, adding to the city's appeal.

If you're considering settling in East Point after recovery, commuting to Atlanta for employment is a very doable option. The fact that Atlanta is home to the headquarters of 16 Fortune 500 companies to include Home Depot, Coca Cola, Genuine Parts (automotive parts company), Delta Airlines, Sun Trust Banks, and homebuilders Pultegroup, Inc., enhances employment prospects.

Climate wise, East Point is a pleasant place to live as it experiences seasonal weather changes throughout the year. The area enjoys hot summers (upper 80s F), cold winters (mid-30s F) and warm and cool temperatures in between. Annual rainfall exceeds the U.S. average at 49 inches yearly with approximately 2 inches of snowfall during the winter.

There are 8 hotels in East Point itself to accommodate family members who visit during your rehab. By booking early, your relatives can partake of special offers and discounts to reduce the cost of their stay. Hotels in the area are also of benefit to those seeking outpatient services at the local rehabilitation facilities, as many offer in-room kitchenettes and similar long-term stay amenities.

East Point's practical location, excellent rehab services, and beautiful surroundings make it a good choice for addiction recovery. Consider relocation after treatment and get your life back on track!

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